Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Scraptastic Tuesday - Time for the November link!

Well, I was going to make some more scrappy blocks tonight following Nicky's quilt along/tutorials, but my sewing machine was not playing nice with my Liberty scraps and the tension was all wonky. So I need to fix that but I was too tired to fuss. 

So instead, for this Scraptastic Tuesday I will share the few scrappy quilts I have made. For me, scrappy means using different fabric lines, and bits and pieces of fabric that has been left over. There can be a plan, and an overall colour scheme, but the fabrics don't perfectly match. I am pretty sure that using different lines by the same designer does not count as scrappy.

With that in mind, I looked at the quilts I have made, and if I leave out the quilts made with solids and the mini quilts there are just not that many which are scrappy.

Friends - a quilt

That quilt there I named Friends. She was constructed out of blocks made by my friends in the Modern Stitching Bee using their own fabric stashes. A bee quilt is a great way to ensure all different kinds of fabrics.

Granny Squares - Done

In fact, this giant Granny Square quilt is another bee quilt, from the same Modern Stitching Bee. This kind of scrappy, where the colours are grouped nicely, is much more comfortable for me. 

Octagonal Orb, ready to gift

The third bee made scrappy quilt I found in my quilts - although I gave this one to Siblings Together - was made with blocks from the Always Bee Learning group.


Rebel is a scrappy quilt but made with bigger pieces. I think that scrappy does not have to mean small little bits.

Scrappy Trip

This is my Scrappy Trip Along quilt - I use this one all the time on my sofa but I have to admit, I find her overwhelming if I look too carefully. She was fun to make but I think next time I make one of these I will limit the colours somehow.

Kaleidoscope Quilt

My Kaleidoscope quilt lives with my nephew. This is my kind of scrappy, the fabrics are diverse but the colours are not.


And finally, Reflection. This quilt has all the colours, but grouped in warms and cools. I think that is my favourite trick for scrappy, I so love this quilt. In fact, if my sewing machine does not behave today, I am going to use my sewing time to cut strips for my next version of this pattern instead.

Since it is the second Tuesday of the month, Nicky and I hope you will join us to link up a scrappy project, started or finished, or your thoughts on scraps or scrappy quilts or how to use, organize or deal with them. We have many wonderful sponsors again, and will award the prizes randomly.

The link will only be open for one week this time - to the end of November 17 at my house, MST - and for all future months. Please only one link per person - link a blog post, or flickr photo, or instagram photo, whatever you like. You can link up here or at Nicky's blog - Mrs. Sew and Sow - it is the same link party at both blogs so please only link once. Oh and do add a link back to Nicky's or this post and feel free to grab the Scraptastic Tuesday button too, so that maybe some of your readers might join in too.

Please visit the links, at least two behind your and two after your and leave some comments, and that way everyone will get some comments. In fact, consider visiting all the links, the scrappy projects and thoughts are inspiring and fun.

Here are our lovely November sponsors:

A huge thank you to each of our generous sponsors for the following prizes, which will be awarded randomly:
  • Oakshott 2 x 5 inch Colourshott charm packs, one with colours 01- 30 and the other with cols 31- 57, so all 57 of the Oakshott colour
  • Massdrop - 45 mm OLFA Deluxe Ergo Rotary Cutter with a 5 Blade Refill Pack and a 45 mm Pinking Rotary Blade
I look forward to visiting you all, and thank you for joining us for Scraptastic Tuesday. Check back next Tuesday for the winners too.

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Before I go, it is Remembrance Day in Canada today. I live in one of the safest countries in the world, and that is in large part because of those who fought in the world wars, including many, many Canadians. This annual day of remembrance is to make sure that we honour those who fought for our safety and that we never forget.




  1. Now I am really drawn to the wild colourful ones Leanne! I guess that is where we differ - subtlety is not my thing though I do appreciate it in others....

  2. My goodness - your catalogue of scrappy quilts is so impressive and colourful! Hard to pick a favourite but "Friends" is pretty special! (I am having trouble with the link again... even on my husband's ipad!)

  3. what a lovely collection of quilts you have here impossible to pick a favourite all so eye catching

  4. I love the warm and cool one, can't wait to see the next version!

  5. They're all beautiful and so nicely done. A nice word for Remembrance Day as well - I know it is especially meaningful in Canada this year. I'm here in France, where we commemorate Armistice Day, and I'm American, where we commemorate Veterans Day. All stemming from our work together beginning 100 years ago (well, we Americans didn't come in until much later). I've been to the American cemetery at Verdun and it's mind-boggling to see those rows and rows of white crosses - many of them representing 18-year-olds like my great-great-uncle, who came out from West Texas to fight and die in the mud. I love how the Tower Poppies have really resonated with folks - and your soldier are commemorated there, that's to be proud and thankful. Sorry for going on, I guess I've just been hearing and reading so much about this recently!!!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing all these eye candy. It was fun. I have more than one favorite in there lol.

  7. Oh my! I ADORE Reflections! That is a beautiful quilt and an awesome idea!!!

  8. A few things to remember for sure! I like the thought of scrap groupings of warm and then cool.

  9. Lovely quilt! I guess I think of scrappy as something made from my leftovers...hmm. Maybe I need to broaden my definition!

  10. I'm a scrappy quilter too but would love to actually whittle down some of the bags! They just never seem to empty!

  11. Congrats on the new additions to the family. I see less quilting and a lot more playing with the kittens in the next while. Way tooooo cute but wonderful distractions.

  12. I love all your scrappy creations. And thanks for the linky party. I can't see where to grab the Scraptastic Tuesday button though. Please advise.

  13. The quilts are lovely - the octangonal one is particularily special! churcae(at)auburn(dot)edu

  14. Love Reflection and the quilting on it, simply stunning.

  15. I love your scrappy quilts. My favourite us the Friends quilt. You are right about bees being a great way to go scrappy and get a good mix of fabrics. I really need to think about doing a granny square quilt at some point. I never fail to sigh when I see one and yours in lovely!

  16. Lovely quilt show. And I had to laugh about your "different fabric line" comments. I'm an old lady and when I first started quilting there were no fabric lines or collections...my quilts and grandmas were what you made from scraps leftover from making the families clothes or they were made from worn out clothes. Today my scrappy quilts are made from scraps leftover from other quilts and other bits and pieces. And part of the fun is making it all work together into something to keep me warm in winter or to gift to others.

    It's fun to see what others consider as scrappy quilts. Anyway, nice post, nice quilts you've made.

  17. It's fun to see your scrappy quilts all lined up.

  18. I love all the inspiration. Thank you. You make beautiful quilts. For the record. SOME quilt shows require as many as 75 different fabrics to be considered a scrap quilt. Some shows require only 25 different prints. I like your definition - A piece leftover from another project. That could be any size! Love it.

  19. What a fun parade of scrap quilts! My favorite is the Always Be Learning quilt! I am very similar in my scrappy tastes - I love lots of fabrics but similar colors.... I've heard it called "planned" or "controlled" scrappy :) Thanks for the link up!

  20. My scrappy trip looks a lot like yours and I love it! They are true scrap quilts ; )
    I enjoy this link up

  21. I am making a scrappy quilt for a Christmas present. He said his favorite color was blue. I am using the log cabin pattern. I went through my scrap basket and pulled out lights and all fabrics that had blue in yhem (tried to eliminate flowers, he is a male) and cut them into 1.5" logs. Blues went into one bag, lights into another. Center block is red. Put hand in bag, grab a light sew, put hand in other bag sew. My only rule is not to use fabric in block if it is already there. That is my idea of scrappy. Sincerely, Paula K.

  22. You have made some stunning scrappy quilts there, mine are often scrappy too because I'm too precious about cutting in to fat quarters!

  23. I think your scrappy trips is my favorite. But they are all so pretty!

  24. I think I'm with you on the scrappiness definition, lots of line and designers all mixed together

  25. Wow zeros Leanne! So many scrap quilts and each one very unique and special. You have me pondering my scraps for sure. :)


  26. I don't write a blog and can't access flicker due to "technological issues" but would like to post a picture of my work. Any suggestions how I can include my picture? kthurn@bektel.com


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