Saturday, November 15, 2014

Quilting and kittens and a reminder


Today I was quilting. Now I have to admit that photo above was from Tuesday or Wednesday night. But tonight I finished the wavy part on the bottom left. I quilted these slightly different matchstick quilting motifs by hand guiding my Millennium Long Arm Quilting Machine - no computer, no pantographs. I have been using different cotton threads, all the ones in the photo above are Aurifil.


This afternoon and tonight I also quilted the white borders with a creamy King Tut cotton thread. The Superior Threads King Tut 50wt is thicker than the Aurifil 50wt. The border quilting lines were also hand guided and are between 1/4" and 1" apart. I'm almost done, the bottom border and two small bits of the coloured motif  are left- I'm hoping to do the rest in the morning.

This kind of straight line quilting is not very exciting to show off and it takes a fair of time to do, even on the long arm machine. I find it relaxing and I'm always so happy with how it turns out - I like lines so much better than swirly bits.

The kittens are growing. Their level of cuteness is impossible. 

That was this morning. They do play a lot too, but they are very cuddly. I'll try for some action shots tomorrow, but getting non-blurry photos is a challenge.

That's all I have today. And a reminder, don't forget to link up one post or photo of your projects using scraps or your thoughts on using the scraps. The November Scraptastic Tuesday link is open until midnight Monday night - go here. There are great prizes so do join Nicky and I.