Decipher Your Quilt

Welcome to Decipher Your Quilt, a series written by Jess of Elven Garden Quilts and myself. 

It is our hope that this series will give you the skills to look at a quilt block, understand what type of block it is, and to know how to make it yourself without a pattern because you understand the math behind its structure. By understanding these things, we hope to give you the confidence to adapt different quilt blocks to your needs, whether it be resizing a block or drafting a block entirely from scratch.  

The schedule below gives  you an idea of the topics we will be covering, but it is very flexible so if you have particular things you would like us to discuss, let us know. 

We will be posting on each of these topics on Thursdays - but we have developed a very relaxed schedule given holidays, work and family committments. I will update this page with the relevant links as they become available. Over time, this page will also become a resource with information like where to find graph paper online, and links to other useful pages. 

Accurate Cutting and 1/4" Seams
Jess's Post
Leanne's Post
2-Patch Blocks 
Jess's Post
Leanne's Post

4-Patch Blocks 
·         4 patch maths with Leanne

9-Patch Blocks 

16 Patch Blocks

25 Patch Blocks

Odd ball blocks

·         Circles with Leanne

Links to Useful Resources:

Graph paper - Incompetech is a great website for downloading free graph paper.

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elle said...

ah! I see where you are headed with this. It'll be good! I have the basics down. I can resize the simpler blocks which I prefer to complicated blocks anyhoo. But even after the figuring I find a construction paper model in finished size clarifies everything. This'll be good!