Saturday, November 29, 2014

Finish Along 2015 News

How long you been finishing your unfinished projects in the Finish-A-Long?  

FAL button 2 

Since its inception in the U.S.A. in 2012 with Rhonda at Quilter in The Gap...

2013 button

or since I hosted it in from Canada 2013 here with me at she can quilt...

Finish Along 2014

Or did you join in when it moved to Scotland with Katy at The Littlest Thistle?

Regardless of how long you have been finishing with the Finish A Long, you are aware that every year the hostess changes. Today I get to share with you who will be hosting in 2015!!! It's ........

Adrianne who blogs at On the Windy Side!!!!!

Adrianne has been an internet friend of mine for a long while now. In fact, she has been part of the FAL for a long time - you might remember that she shared a wonderful tutorial for oven mitts in Q2 of 2013 here on my blog. Adrianne lives in New Zealand, which means that the FAL has moved to a fourth country and a third continent - it is truly a world blogging event.

I hope you will plan to be a part of the FAL in 2015, I sure will be. You can get started by grabbing Adrianne's button, checking out the 2015 FAL rules here, and planning your Q1 2015 FAL list. 

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

Don't forget to finish more of you Q4 FAL 2014  list too. I have been checking mine carefully and hope to get more done, after all we have a month left.

Enjoy your Saturday, we have had a snow storm and are now in the deep freeze, winter is here in earnest now, and at least it is pretty.




  1. I love that the FAL is coming 'Downunder'! I better get my list written and my WIPs organised!

  2. Going into good hands I'm sure :o)

    Just catching up, FYI, having quilting and kittens in close proximity in a title looks rather like you're about to commit a terrible act, just sayin' ;o) Looks like you've had loads of great projects on the go too, and hope the Guild quilt travels well to Quilt Con

  3. ohhh exciting! I've joined in with you all and look forward to Adrianne hosting :)

  4. Thanks for the reminder about my list. Glad it is carrying on for another year ; )

  5. Since Day One! I couldn't remember so I had to do a little digging. I've been joining in the FAL fun since the beginning - and it was really fun to go peek at the flickr group "introduce yourself" thread and read so many familiar quilters that have been around since 2012 as well.

  6. I think I've been in since the beginning too. It's been such a motivator for me and I'm pleased to see Adrianne taking the helm. Fun times!

  7. I think I've been there since the beginning. Lord knows I haven't gotten any smaller on my lists.

  8. I'm already thinking ahead - 2015 may just be the year I finish a LOT!!

  9. If the new button is an indicator, it's sure to be a lovely year of finished projects.

  10. I've been in it since the beginning and have finished a host of things thank goodness!


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