Monday, March 2, 2015

Echoes - Ta Da! & she is in the QuiltCon magazine too


I have waited a long time to introduce you to my quilt Echoes. She is a large quilt - about 70" square and was made from Kona Charcoal and a bunch of small pieces of Kona blues and greens.

Echoes uses the allium block that I designed last summer - again I stress that although I made this block up myself and gave it a name, it does not mean that someone else did not also invent it earlier, I just have not seen it before.

I designed this quilt, made her and shipped her off to the kind folks at Interweave (F & W) in September. And when I got to QuiltCon I got to see her in the QuiltCon magazine for the first time - go here to see it/buy one if you don't see it at your usual shop. This is a wonderful magazine, and there are photos of quilts from the show and patterns from several of my quilting friends too.


This large quilt was styled so nicely in the magazine and my pattern looks so nice. This is my first pattern in a print magazine and I am so proud of it.


Echoes has a lot of negative space and I have to say I just love this quilt. I love how you see the echoes of the circles and that your brain wants to continue to echo the circles further into the negative space. It's fun how three allium blocks give you the echo of five full circles, and so many partial ones, and squares are echoed too.


I quilted Echoes using a variegated aqua Superior King Tut thread with straightish lines set at random widths apart from 1/8" to about 1" or so. I wanted to use a style of quilting that I both love and that is easily done on a home machine. The coloured thread adds such a nice extra to all the negative space without detracting from the industrial modern style.

All these photos are after she was washed as I wanted to ensure that the extra texture was present.


For her back, I pieced big chunks of some favourite fabrics. And she even has a hanging sleeve already on, which is nice because she was accepted to be in the Canadian Quilter's Association juried show in June too.


You can see that this quilt is too big for my usual quilt photo location - a stairwell in my office building. But this photo gives you a good idea of her true colours - the dark grey is so hard to photograph well.

This is the last of my QuiltCon related posts. It was so nice to have my quilt in this special magazine as part of QuiltCon.



Sunday, March 1, 2015

QuiltCon 2015 - there was sharing

QuiltCon 2015 Swag Bag

When I checked into QuiltCon 2015, I was greeted by friendly Modern Quilt Guild volunteers and I was handed that bag which was filled with all this lovely stuff. Thank you to the QuiltCon sponsors, who were very generous with their swag.

QuiltCon 2015 Moda Party winnings

I also won this lovely jelly roll at the Moda Party on Thursday night. I think I might bring it to my local MQG meeting and offer it as a door prize, to share a bit of the QuiltCon love forward.

QuiltCon 2015 Massdrop swag bag

I stopped by to meet the folks at the Massdrop booth, and they gave me this lovely bag and goodies. The snips are especially useful.

QuiltCon 2015 Pin Swap

I participated in the #quiltconpinswap. With the help of my friend Elizabeth from OP Quilts, I was able to order buttons at the last minute. I am so glad I joined in, as swapping pins was a great way to meet people who might not have noticed me. It also gave me a tiny token to hand to folks I met. There are likely more buttons, I keep finding more tucked here and there, they were getting to heavy to pin onto me. And my kittens made off with the lovely handcrafted flower Hillary gave me, I am hoping it will turn up again soon.

she can quilt buttons

Seeing people I have met before but who live a long way away from me, meeting people I only know via the internet, and meeting entirely new people was the best part of QuiltCon 2015. These quilters are "my people" - our love of modern quilting, and just quilting generally generally makes us quick friends. You have noticed by now that I did not take a bunch of photos of me with people, I am just too camera adverse for that - you can catch glimpses of me all over the internet in photos that others took.

QuiltCon 2015 - from Elizabeth

Elizabeth, from OP Quilts, tucked that cute bag filled with lovely Washi Tape in my bag - a thoughtful and lovely present.

Beautiful Notebook from Debbie

On Thursday morning, my friend Debbie from A Quilter's Table, stopped by at breakfast to give me this fantastic notebook. She put my Canvas pattern on the front and used one of my most favourite fabrics, Doe.

QuiltCon 2015 Notebook Cover from Debbie

Debbie knew I wanted a notebook for my classes but was just too pressed for time to actually make one - what a good friend.

QuiltCon 2015 Notebook Cover from Debbie

She added improv, including improv Xs, and a notebook of squares not lines, perfect for quilting notes. This gift was just so lovely to receive, as was finally getting to meet Debbie in person as she has become such a close internet friend.

Liberty Heart from Krista

Krista, from Poppyprint, invited me to a small dinner on Friday night, with other good friends, some I had met in person before. It was such a good idea to have plans with small groups, where there is actually time to chat with everyone, and I will do more of that next time. Krista gave us each a tiny Liberty heart. Cindy, from Live a Colorful Life, gave me chocolates, and they were gone quickly.

EMQG QuiltCon Charity Quilt - hanging at QuiltCon 2015

I was remiss in not sharing this photo earlier, I had forgotten that I took the photo. That is the beautiful MQG Charity quilt that the members of my guild - including me - the Edmonton Modern Quilt Guild, had hanging at QuiltCon. It looked fantastic with the other quilts and you can read more about this quilt, designed by Stacey, from SLO Studio, here.

Overall, QuiltCon 2015 was a wonderful experience for me. It is a quilting event where I see "my people" doing my kind of work. I was inspired pretty much every minute, and enjoyed everyone I met. A huge thank you to the folks at the Modern Quilt Guild for all the hard work and the planning!

I am already planning to attend QuiltCon 2016, I hope you are too.

I have one more QuiltCon post to tell you about the QuiltCon magazine and the quilt and pattern I have in it, it has been hard keeping it a secret for so long.



Saturday, February 28, 2015

I learned stuff at QuiltCon

QuiltCon began for me on Wednesday at 3 am so that I could leave for the airport at 4 am. I go through US customs before I get on a plane - most larger Canadian cities have this service - but it means getting to the airport quite early for your early flight. 

I went to QuiltCon for a number of reasons: the quilts, the classes, the people and the MQG. On Thursday, I told you about my quilts, so today it will be the classes, with the rest to follow.

It appears that internet registration systems and I have good karma. I had no difficulty registering for 4 full day classes. Despite feeling guilty as others had trouble getting into classes, I decided that I really wanted to learn so I kept all the classes I am so glad I did. It is a long way for me to go to a quilt show and the total price tag was high, but I sure learned a lot.

On Thursday I learned a lot about quilting negative space and also modern quilts overall. Krista Withers is a fantastic teacher, and her compositional quilting class was the best quilting class I have taken so far.  The day was a delight and I am eager to put what I learned into practice.

Quilting from Krista Withers Compositional Quilting class

 Here is my practice piece. Krista's approach to teaching quilting was different from any other class I had taken - at the end I had this nice completed panel, not a bunch of messy starts and stops, to take home. She made a panel too, while the class did, so one could watch and ask questions and at the end she gave that away to one of the students.

On Friday I spent the day with Sherri Lynn Wood, learning how to use bias strips to outline curved shapes in a fun improv way. Sherri Lynn is a lovely teacher and shared a wealth of really great tips and tricks for dealing with the bubbles and waves that often arise when piecing large curved bias edges. Flatter, or a similar product is your friend when using this technique.

That photo shows the creations of the entire class!

Bias Strip blocks from Sherri Lynn Wood's workshop

And there are my blocks. I also bought Sherri Lynn's book, Improv Handbook for Quilters, so I can explore more of her techniques.

Saturday was a day with my friend Victoria Findlay Wolfe. Victoria is one of my favourite overall teachers for quilting - I come away from her classes having learned a lot and very inspired to be creative with the techniques she has shared.

The workshop was one of the projects from her book, Double Wedding Ring Quilts, which I also bought. I am really loving these huge blocks, and hope to finish this quilt soon.

I totally recommend a class with Luke Haynes if you get the chance. I love his work and signed up for this Sunday class mostly just to see what he was like. He asked us to work on something different from what we have been doing a lot of lately, to explore scale and shapes, whatever we felt like doing.  The class met as a group several times to work together to share ideas and tips on each person's progress. Luke shared many art and design concepts and was really nice to chat and work with.

Blocks from Luke Haynes Workshop

I played around with triangles and curves, working on a small scale. I have to say it was a relaxing and lovely day where I learned a great deal.

I finally started unpacking my QuiltCon stuff, and I think that I am ready to get back to sewing today too. I'll share more tomorrow.



Friday, February 27, 2015

If you were shopping... #25

Welcome to if you're shopping.... On Fridays I share news from my sponsors, in case you want to do a little shopping, or even window shopping, this weekend.

Southern Fabric is having a Riley Blake Sale.

Fluffy Sheep Quilting has beautiful fabrics, including this fantastic lawn print from Cotton + Steel!

 Sew me a Song has beautiful new bundles!

Sew Sisters Quilt Shop is having a Bundle Bonanza!

The Fat Quarter Shop is featuring this beautiful Memory Lane Quilt Kit.

Massdrop has a lovely Liberty Bundle.

Green Fairy Quilts has 35% off notions and fat eights bundles.

Mad about Patchwork's Monday Mosaic bundle is this lovely Petit Fours bundle which is 20% off till March 1.

Oakshott Fabrics  is featuring their new Scandinavia line and you can buy a kit with my Hint pattern.

Fabric Spark has a beautiful fabrics, some really beautiful new ones too.

I hope you enjoy your Friday and I'll have more about QuiltCon to share tomorrow!



Wednesday, February 25, 2015

QuiltCon 2015 - My Quilts

Breathe at QuiltCon 2015

I have the best time at QuiltCon 2015, and while I decompress just a bit, I thought I would start telling you about it by showing off my quilts from the show.

There is Breathe. She won first place in the Minimalist Design Category. Thank you again to American Made Brand who sponsored this category and its prize.

You can see pictures of all the winning quilts on the Modern Quilt Guild Blog here. Breathe was also selected to be part of the MQG travelling quilt show for this year, another unexpected honour.

Breathe's beautiful ribbon

I truly did not expect to win any ribbons at this show. Every single quilt was a winner as far as I was concerned and I was just thrilled to participate. I am so honoured and proud that Breathe won this ribbon. The beautiful ribbons were hand made by Elizabeth Hartman from Oh, Fransson!

Breathe at QuiltCon 2015

I confess to not taking that many photos at the show this year - I was just so busy looking at things and speaking with people. Here is a further away shot of Breathe, and to the right is my friend Nicole's (from Mama Love Quilts) stunning quilt Ascend which won second place in the same category.

Peace at QuiltCon 2015

Peace looked lovely hanging in the show. The MQG made the decisions about what category each quilt would show in, and they put Peace in the Piecing Category.

Cycles 2 at QuiltCon2015

And Cycles 2 was there too, after having been to the Houston International Quilt Festival in the MQG Exhibit. Cycles 2 was shown in the Use of Negative Space Category.

That's all I have for today, I will share more over the next few days. It was the best time, and I am already planning to attend next year too.