Sunday, January 20, 2013

Quilting, thread, blocks and a winner

Quilting and quilting my king size mod pop

That was my sewing day yesterday - quilting the king size Mod Pop. I take frequent breaks, managing all of this in my smallish sewing space is a challenge even with my large throat Janome Horizon. I so wish for a long arm machine and the space to put one. And that is my picture from Instagram - yes, I am putting up pictures and people even like them too, it's fun, even if they are iphone pictures.

Threads for quilting Mod Pop

This morning I am taking artsy pictures of my threads for this quilt. I thought many different colours, brands, and weights would make it more fun. It seems I am easily amused.


Trudi from Quilting Prolifically said she pre-winds her  bobbins. But with all the colours, I am just using one bobbin per spool or I get too mixed up. Also I need to buy more empty bobbins too. I think this quilt will use about 10 million bobbins - at least it feels that way. More quilting is on the list for today. I have to return to the curvy chains as the background red bits are all finished.

Handcrafted Seam Ripper

Thank you to everyone who entered my Celebrate giveaway and shared so many moments to celebrate with me (if you want to be cheered and have a couple of laughs, go and read the comments), and welcome to the new followers who nudged the number over 700 even though they did not have to. The winner of the stunning hand made seam ripper by Amy from During Quiet Time's husband, is Tiina who blogs at Tilkunviilaaja and makes lovely quilts. Tiina I have emailed you for your address.

Improv block for Toni

That is an improv block made for Toni in the Always Bee Learning Bee. She asked us to improv with the left overs from the herringbone block which we also made.

Herringbone Block for Toni

This is the herringbone block made with this clever tutorial by Holly at Bijou Lovely. I am always learning in this bee, this week I learned to read the instructions, not just have a quick look at the picture. One must use a 6.5" ruler, not a 6" ruler or one's block will be too small and they will have to find all the fabrics in their cupboard and make a new one for one's bee mate. Ask me how I know.

Quatrefoil Block for Jennie

That is a Quatrefoil Block for Jennie in the Modern Stitching Bee. We used the version in the Modern Blocks Book at page 150 by Solidia Hubbard, although I have seen other tutorials for this block too.

I have a stack of Summersville, and a stack of Mama Said Sew, and these are two lines I totally love, but have not really been sure how to use well. Look at them together - they work so well. I am hatching plans already - the startitis is acting up but I am still quilting Mod Pop which is on my FAL list as I plan.

By the way, I have been working slowly through all the Finish-A-Long Q1 linked posts, and will continue until I get to the end - there are 176 links. What a lot of excellent projects have been stuffed in closets and drawers! I think we are going to have some beautiful finishes, feel free to post your progress and finishes as you go in the flickr group so we can cheer you on over the quarter.

Quatrefoil Block for Jennie

This is Jennie's second block. This fabric combination also makes me smile - bikes, daisies, ladybugs, birds and flowers. (Katie Jump Rope by Denyse Schmidt, The Birds and the Bees by Tula Pink and Children at Play by Sarah Jane). I had a lot of fun pulling fabrics for both these blocks.

Well, I am back to quilting, which is a good thing as we are in the deep freeze, - 21C which is -8F, and staying in is a good idea. Tomorrow it is supposed to warm up enough to snow and continue through to Thursday.

Oh, and there is virtually no chance our schools or offices will close, this is our normal winter; just saying.