Saturday, January 12, 2013


Handcrafted Seam Ripper

How many songs come into your head when you read "Celebrate!" - a couple start singing in mine. Check out this one or this one - go on, I'll wait, they will make you smile - do you have other songs?

I am giving away that beautiful hand crafted seam ripper to one of you. Isn't it stunning? It was hand made by Amy from During Quiet Time's husband. Sometimes he makes them and she lists them in her shop - you have to be quick to get one.

Handcrafted Seam Ripper

So we are celebrating for a number of reasons. It is January and everyone who lives near me needs something to give them a lift in the darkness of January (those of you in the sunny southern hemisphere can feel for those of us in the cold dark north), if I cross my fingers there will be over 700 followers by the time this giveaway closes, people are joining the Finish-A-Long even though it is not at Rhonda's, it will be Valentine's Day in a month, it is the first year of this century were all the numbers in the year are different, tomorrow is 13 - 1 - 13, you name it, there are reasons to Celebrate.

To win, leave me just one comment. Tell me what is making you smile today or this week or this month, or share a quilting tip or tell me a funny story. I will leave this draw open until Friday night January 18 and will share the winner of the random draw next Saturday.

Handcrafted Seam Ripper

In case you were worried that I was giving away something I should keep, those two beauties are mine. The sparkly purple one I got a while ago, and the turquoise beauty was in my stocking this year. They both are taking turns helping me make my scrappy trip along blocks.

Scrappy Trip Along - 16 blocks

There are the scrappy trip along blocks. I think I will make one more row and then decide if I want it to be 20 blocks (4 x 5) or 25 blocks (5 x 5). Next time, I promise, I will take a daytime photo so you can see the real colours.

she can quilt

Have you joined us for Q1 of the 2013 FAL yet? You know you want to. You have until the end of tomorrow, that is 13 - 1 - 13 at midnight MST - link up your Q1 list here.