Tuesday, January 29, 2013

3ZAL and this and that

Triple-Zip Pouch

Are you making a Triple-Zip Pouch in Debbie from A Quilter's Table's  Triple Zip Along?

You know I love making this pattern and so last night I made one. I took photos as I went and put them on Instagram. If you are not on Instagram, you can see my pictures at this link (without having to join).

Triple-Zip Pouch - Back

I ordered a fat quarter bundle of Comma, which is the new line by Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic from Green Fairy Quilts and it arrived a little while ago. I have been itching to use this stunning fabric, and this was the perfect chance. I adore this fabric. I will be ordering lots of yardage and I am already plotting a quilt, and some bags.

Triple-Zip Pouch

I did make the whole triple-zip pouch last night, start to finish, including picking and cutting fabrics, and  having to rip the final step totally apart and redo it - this was user error, I have now made this pattern 4 times and knew better. It is going to hold my phone, charger, ear buds, and other miscellaneous electronics, usb sticks, etc. that live in my purse.

Scrappy binding ready for the quilt.

That is the binding for my Mod Pop. It looks pretty cool in a roll but hopefully soon it will be on the quilt.

Yahoo!! Quilting finished on my Mod Pop

There is an Instagram photo of the Mod Pop with its quilting all finished. I have to say that this quilt was challenging to quilt. It is heavy from all the seams and heavier now with all the thread. I hope to get it trimmed and the binding on soon. I am going to machine stitch the binding, it is just too big to contemplate handstitching, and that goes with my urban industrial quilting theme anyway. I found that the quilt shifted and lurched a bit so the quilting is "rugged" or "industrial" and I am sure all that will disappear in the wash, but we shall see.

Scrappy Trip Along - basted

Over a week ago, I basted my Scrappy Trip Along. It looks so smooth and lovely there, just before the pins went in.

Quilting my scrappy trip along quilt. I decided a lot of lined would be the thing for me today and tonight. #scrappytripalong

Here is a picture of the quilting so far. I am about 2/3 done. I decided that I needed to sew a lot of lines on Sunday. My lovely dog suddenly developed pneumonia and went into the ICU at the vet hospital. Sewing a lot of nice lines helped. I visited him this morning (well and twice on Sunday and twice yesterday - I seem to have become a bit of a crazy dog lady) and he is doing better. Not out of the woods but definitely recovering. The quilting of the simple lines was so much better than biting my fingernails and pacing.

I hope you are well today, we are back in the deep freeze. It is -28C here (-18F for those of you in the USA), and I pulled the cord off my block heater this morning, so the car is in the shop. There is no way it will start tomorrow without the heater.