Thursday, January 3, 2013

Q4 Finish-A-Long Report - C-

Mouthy Stitches Bag

Despite all my crazy sewing this last year, it is time for me to confess that I only finished 1 - that's right one - thing on my Q4 Finish-A-Long list. Clearly I suffer from a serious and chronic case of startitis. Let's take a look at that list and see what has been done. My Q4 blog post about my ambitious and now failed plans is here.

1. Mouthy Stitches bag - It's finished and what a wonderful finish it was. Susan, from Patchwork N Play, my Mouthy Stitches swap partner loved it.

Mouth Stitches - Back

But for the rest, well not done. Some progress to report on some, best that I fess up. I think that my grade is C-. Not good.

Quilting monster quilts

2. Large Mod Pop - That photo above is what it mostly looks like these days. I am quilting this monster king size quilt. I have done the long wavy background parts and am moving onto the middle of the circles. We are setting a completion date in the Mod Pop QAL soon, so I need to make sure I meet it as I am the host.

Mod Pop - the quilting so far

There it is spread out on my king size bed, it is big.

Windmills and Trees - top

3. Windmills and Trees - this is Lynne from Lily's Quilts' pattern which I am pattern testing. I pulled out the background fabrics, and debated how to finish the back. I stalled in debate. No progress.

Low volume top and EPP

4. Low Volume top with circles on it. I used this quilt top to make the 2013 FAL button, does that count as progress? It will be on my next FAL list.

50 Polaroids for the swap

5. Polaroids - I did not even take these out of the bag. How bad is that?

More Dresdens

6. Dresdens - I need to figure out where these got put in the last clean up, I really want to make this one. Next list.

Mystery Quilt - basted

7. Quilt the Mystery Quilt - I don't know why I am so scared of wrecking this quilt. I think I have a simple quilt plan now, I really want to have this one to use. Next list.

Finishing-A-Long - LBSP

8. This is another repeat FAL project. LBSP blocks, again designed by Lynne from Lily's Quilts. Not touched. Next list.

#quiltphoto - just beginning - Liberty fabrics

9. A stack of Liberty tana lawn fabrics. Yes, some progress on this one. I picked a nice - not neutral - solid and pieced the top, at least.

Liberty Squares

This one is not going on the list as I see it as a long term fmq practice quilt now. So it is about the process, not about finishing - right, am I fooling anyone but me?

So, for Q4 of the FAL I did not set much of a finishing example. Clearly, some of you might think the grade of C- is generous. I am an easy marker but I wonder what Katy will say. I did a lot of other things, but that really does not count on the FAL front.

I am linking this up at Quilter in the Gap for the Q4 FAL finishes, I did get one done after all. Other people did better, you might want to check the wonderful finishes out.

I will do better next year, I am hosting the 2013 FAL. That is a good thing, I sure need the FAL!

she can quilt

The link to post your Q1 2013 FAL plans will open on Monday January 7, 2013 and stay open for a week. I hope you will join me in the FAL, it will be fun.