Thursday, January 3, 2013

Q4 Finish-A-Long Report - C-

Mouthy Stitches Bag

Despite all my crazy sewing this last year, it is time for me to confess that I only finished 1 - that's right one - thing on my Q4 Finish-A-Long list. Clearly I suffer from a serious and chronic case of startitis. Let's take a look at that list and see what has been done. My Q4 blog post about my ambitious and now failed plans is here.

1. Mouthy Stitches bag - It's finished and what a wonderful finish it was. Susan, from Patchwork N Play, my Mouthy Stitches swap partner loved it.

Mouth Stitches - Back

But for the rest, well not done. Some progress to report on some, best that I fess up. I think that my grade is C-. Not good.

Quilting monster quilts

2. Large Mod Pop - That photo above is what it mostly looks like these days. I am quilting this monster king size quilt. I have done the long wavy background parts and am moving onto the middle of the circles. We are setting a completion date in the Mod Pop QAL soon, so I need to make sure I meet it as I am the host.

Mod Pop - the quilting so far

There it is spread out on my king size bed, it is big.

Windmills and Trees - top

3. Windmills and Trees - this is Lynne from Lily's Quilts' pattern which I am pattern testing. I pulled out the background fabrics, and debated how to finish the back. I stalled in debate. No progress.

Low volume top and EPP

4. Low Volume top with circles on it. I used this quilt top to make the 2013 FAL button, does that count as progress? It will be on my next FAL list.

50 Polaroids for the swap

5. Polaroids - I did not even take these out of the bag. How bad is that?

More Dresdens

6. Dresdens - I need to figure out where these got put in the last clean up, I really want to make this one. Next list.

Mystery Quilt - basted

7. Quilt the Mystery Quilt - I don't know why I am so scared of wrecking this quilt. I think I have a simple quilt plan now, I really want to have this one to use. Next list.

Finishing-A-Long - LBSP

8. This is another repeat FAL project. LBSP blocks, again designed by Lynne from Lily's Quilts. Not touched. Next list.

#quiltphoto - just beginning - Liberty fabrics

9. A stack of Liberty tana lawn fabrics. Yes, some progress on this one. I picked a nice - not neutral - solid and pieced the top, at least.

Liberty Squares

This one is not going on the list as I see it as a long term fmq practice quilt now. So it is about the process, not about finishing - right, am I fooling anyone but me?

So, for Q4 of the FAL I did not set much of a finishing example. Clearly, some of you might think the grade of C- is generous. I am an easy marker but I wonder what Katy will say. I did a lot of other things, but that really does not count on the FAL front.

I am linking this up at Quilter in the Gap for the Q4 FAL finishes, I did get one done after all. Other people did better, you might want to check the wonderful finishes out.

I will do better next year, I am hosting the 2013 FAL. That is a good thing, I sure need the FAL!

she can quilt

The link to post your Q1 2013 FAL plans will open on Monday January 7, 2013 and stay open for a week. I hope you will join me in the FAL, it will be fun.




Karen said...

I think you are being hard on yourself as your machine would likely vote that it needs a vacation :) I have to admit that I did, however stop holding my breath on your mystery quilt - but I totally 'get' what you mean about fear of ruin. It is spectacular and I would probably not use it :D

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

You may not have finished many of the wonderful things on your list but you finished other things that are just as wonderful - if you could count those you'd be able to give yourself a better mark!

mathea said...

I keep telling myself that life is about the journey, not the destination, and the same goes for quilting...
You have some lovely quilts on the go there, and will no doubt have a lot of wonderful finishes in 2013. I'm thinking about joining the FAL - I could definitely do with a push to finish some of my projects!

Canadian Abroad said...

Ah, they get done when they get done, and they will be brilliant when the time comes. Loving that tote too!

Sue McPeak said...

Hi looks like your 2012 projects won't take much to finish in 2013. What a lot of beautiful pieces you made.

I'm so looking forward to the 2013FAL. I gave a little preview of one project I plan to finish in 2013 in my post today. Also posted the 2013 FAL Button on that post.
Here's the link:

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

I think you can be forgiven!!

Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said...

As a fellow serial starter, I totally understand how easily this happens ;o) But hey, you've got loads of fab projects to finish this year! Bring on the FAL :o)

Sheila said...

Thank goodness you are not perfect,just like the rest of us - but please quilt the Mystery, it is beautiful.

Catherine said...

Lots of things to keep you going there then! My Lynne bob square pants will be on my list too

Susan said...

Boy, am I glad you managed THE most important finish of all! I look loving at my tote ( and use it!) every single day! And of course, you got so many other wonderful things finished too!

Judith, Belfast said...

While there may not be many finishes from that lot, there is certainly progress made! I'd give you B! I'm not sure about signing up on Monday incase I end up giving myself D-! Jxo

Katy Cameron said...

Lol, it was looking good til the end of Mod Pop ;o) Oh well, a whole new year stretches ahead :o)

Debbie said...

I think I remember being shocked at your Q4 list when you posted it - VERY ambitious!! ;-) There really are some wonderful quilt tops here though, so hopefully you will enjoy tackling a few in the new year....

Marg said...

At least you have some truly beautiful quilts on your FAL list. I think you are being too hard on yourself, and maybe a little ambitious with your list at the beginning of the quarter. You have certainly produced lots of stunning work in the last few months even if you didn't finish all these and made a lot of progress on some of them. said...

see you on monday!

Marie said...

Don't worry - we all have 'the list'. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other (or I guess it's one stitch in front of the other) and they'll be at the finish line before you know it. Starting is always SO easy, isn't it? By the way, your Mystery Quilt is lovely.

Annabella said...

You achieved so much and ran a QAL and was a wonderful mother and worked! Don't be hard on yourself Leanne - I'm giving you a B+. I'm travelling home on Monday but hope to remember to link up shortly after!

OPQuilt said...

PS. I love that Mystery Quilt. So beautiful.


Renee said...

I love the grey on your lynnebobsquarepants blocks, I almost did that for mine! From one of your other posts, it sounds like you're nearly finished! I'm able to complete one block (start of cutting squares for HST, ironing, trimming, etc) in about an hour an half. Once the HSTs are ready the rest seems to go quickly! Look forward to seeing yours finished!