Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Stuck, but finally past it.

Quilts in Bags

Shattered and Noise are in their new drawstring bags - a drawstring bag is required. I used some Echino and Melody Miller special fabrics, even with sparkles and sunglasses, oh and scooters too. Noise got a last minute wash when I noticed a tiny spot - gone now. They have hanging sleeves, as required (I used this wonderful tutorial from Jacquie at Tall Grass Prairie Studio). The quilts are labeled and the drawstring bags are labeled, as directed. Today I will make them a custom box, add the requisite forms and box labels and take them to Purolator - I don't trust the mail to get there in time. And I am late, the suggested mailing date was this past Monday. They will be off to QuiltCon.

  Quilts in Bags

But the purpose of this post is to be real. I have put these tasks of for two full weeks. Every day I was supposed to do this and get them out but I was stalled, stuck, worried. I sorted out the FAL, I organized a giveaway, I made a few scrappy trip along blocks. But I really could not do any other quilting or sewing either, because these things had to get done. So last night I tried to figure out why and to finally get this stuff done.

Although I did not set out to put quilts in a show, I thought this one would be a lark, people who make quilts like mine, would be entering - I would be with "my people". At my work, I do hard stuff which is judged, well, by judges, most days - I have a healthy supply of self esteem and confidence. I have already "won" in my own eyes, just getting to have quilts hung in the show is an honour enough for me.

So why the difficulty? I guess maybe it is trying something new, putting myself out there, wondering if people will be thinking "this quilt does not really belong here - who does she think she is", or just bringing attention to myself with this greater group of people - I am not sure.

Today I though maybe I would share that - I really do try to keep this blog to cheerful sharing and sometimes it is helpful for me and for you to share my challenges too. This is my big progress for the last two weeks, two cute, simple drawstring bags, two hanging sleeves, and four labels. Do you ever get stuck on the easy parts too?

Oh, and if you have not entered that giveaway, it is here, has no hoops, is for a beautiful thing and the comments are full of stories that will make you smile - they have been making me smile for sure.