Friday, January 11, 2013

Some quilting and thank you to another FAL Sponsor

Scrappy Trip Along - 12 blocks

Here is my scrappy trip along quilt so far - 12 blocks. I think I will make this one smallish, either 16 or 25 blocks in a square. It is fun to make these blocks and then post a picture on Instagram (where I have more followers now, thank you everyone) where people "like" your picture from time to time. There is no "dislike" button, which I am good with too. The tutorial at Quiltville Custom Quilting for making these blocks is here.

I am not normally drawn to make quilts this scrappy, I am a fan of the negative space of modern quilts. Too much scrappy is hard for me to look at, as I don't know where to focus. However, this block, once placed together with others, has just enough pattern, while still being random and not symmetrical or predictable, for me to really enjoy them. I might be making more from time to time - I am going to get a box just for collecting strips for this purpose.

Jo from the Organic Stitch Co. has jumped aboard to be a sponsor for Q1 of the Finish-A-Long too. She sells a beautiful selection of Liberty of London tana lawn prints in various sizes and also custom bundles. Jo sponsored the Liberty Scrap Challenge last year with Nova at a cuppa and a catch up where you can find several cute ideas and tutorials for using Liberty, and other, scraps. I can also tell you that Jo has excellent service, including to those of us far away from her. Thank you Jo, I love Liberty fabrics and am so glad to have you aboard to sponsor the FAL. 

she can quilt

There is still plenty of time to round up the UFOs that you want to finish in the first quarter of 2013 and join Q1 of the 2013 FAL by linking up here (p.s. a camera phone picture is fine, you know, if getting a photo of the project is holding you back). A full list of our sponsors is here. Our flickr group is here. It looks like we have a great group of folks finishing along!

By the way, I have been noticing that the follower number for this blog has been nosing up for a long while and it is getting to be time to celebrate. I have a couple of wonderful items to give away too. Maybe I will set that up tomorrow, I need to take some pictures during the daylight. You might want to check back.

Today I am home waiting for the internet repair guy - it seems upgrading the internet has taken hours and hours of trouble shooting, phone calls and this is repair guy #2. So I am going to do some work, put a pot on to make more homemade soup and later I have to make some quilt hanging sleeves and storage bags. I need to get those quilts off to Texas on Monday.