Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Wonderful Holiday Swap Package

BA{m}S Swap for me from Jill

Look at that wonderful package that I received from Jill in the year end holiday swap in the Bee a {Modern} Swapper group. This group has had alternating months of optional swaps with months of bee blocks and it wraps up after January's bee blocks.

BA{m}S Swap for me from Jill

This is the wonderful wrapping for my package. Even a stocking - made I think for an old sweater, isn't that a great idea.

BA{m}S Swap for me from Jill

Jill made me everything I hinted at wanting. A perfect bright pink sunglasses case - this is already in use and is large enough to slip my reading glasses into too. The hot pink tape measure has a far better chance of being found than my usual 10,000 lost tape measures. And a really lovely journal. I think I will keep this journal on my cutting table and use it for quilting notes, sizes, ideas, and such. I have been meaning to do that forever but never got around to getting the journal.

BA{m}S Swap for me from Jill

I started quilting just too late to get some of my favourite Heather Ross fabrics and I don't have any of the four Jill featured in the quilt. The fish in bags are my all time favourite, and look she included one for me.

BA{m}S Swap to me from Jill

This mini is perfect and will hang in my sewing room. Thank you Jill for such a perfect package!

Tomorrow I have to fess up to my Q4 FAL results. Not stellar.