Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Scraptastic Tuesday, the unpacking/moving edition

I am popping in here to remind you that next Tuesday is the second Tuesday of August and the Scraptastic Tuesday link will open. Please plan to share a scrappy project, in progress or completed, or your thoughts on taming the scrap mountain. I am hoping for an extra lot of you to link up and inspire me as I have not been sewing much in the last few weeks.


Here is my new sewing room, I just took these photos for you. Yikes - I have been scared to look at how the movers left it, they were great with our stuff, nothing damaged or broken so far, but they were not so good in placing things well for the unpack so first a sort and organize of the boxes and such is required.


But it is on my list to start tonight working on sorting this area and finding a way to start sewing in one corner while I unpack the rest. A lot of those boxes are fabric and since it is the one thing I organized before we moved, the fabric will unpack quickly into the shelves. I think some sewing at the end of each unpacking day will help with the overall grumpiness that unpacking in a serious heat wave is causing.

I will share more of the unpack as I go, and there is more on instagram. I hope you are relaxing and enjoying the summer