Thursday, August 27, 2015

A little sewing to make a big lion

Jungle Abstraction - the Lion

Besides unpacking and a quick trip this week, I have been working on my lion quilt. The pattern is one of Violet Craft's Jungle Abstraction patterns, and will finish at 60" square. There are 4 big chunks in that photo that are not yet pieced together. I think I will skip ahead to do his eyes next.

I have an overdue bee block and a round robin block to do but after unpacking and settling in each day - there is so much more unpacking to do still - I have no energy for being creative and original. I am loving Violet's pattern - it is so easy to follow and it is dramatic and large - perfect for now when I want to sew but need someone else to have done the heavy lifting on the creative side of things.

I am hoping to have some creative energy this weekend and will get my internet sewing homework caught up then I hope.

I hope you are enjoying your week.