Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday - an unpacking update

Sewing room - unpacking

Today I am sharing an unpacking update, as it is going much slower than I expected, in large part because our heat wave continues, and is scheduled for another week. As I am determined not to be made sick or injured by this move, I have been respectful of how much unpacking I can do while sweat is literally dripping in my eyes and running down my neck. Although this house has a bit of air cooling it is not sufficient to cope with this heat - I have put a major upgrade to full on air conditioning on my list as soon as the cash flow will allow it.

In that photo above, besides my ever present helpers Butch and Sundance, who will be a year at the end of August, (Sundance is on the cutting table to the left, just out of view) you can see where I will sew. To the left will be one cutting table and to the right, once all that stuff is properly put away, will be my other cutting table. To the far right are doors to a reasonable size closet. My thread is in that white - still taped up - rolling cart to the far right, and my 8 scrap bins are there with the boxes of "cutting table shelf" bits.

Sewing room - unpacking

Here is a photo standing at the sewing machine. You can see the overall size of the room and to the very far left there is a small bathroom too - so I have my own loo and water for my iron at hand.  The shelves are all from IKEA. The fan is due to the heat wave.  The long arm sewing machine will go about where the fan is, right down the middle of the room for easy access on all sides.

The boxes to the left will all be unpacked and they are mainly other craft things, and my family photo project. The photos will go in the closet to the left of the sewing machine and the craft stuff will go elsewhere, but needs to be unpacked before the long arm can be set up, which I am keen to get done.

It's going to be a great studio. Yes, the floor is unfinished as I had the awful rug tossed out, and I have not decided on flooring yet. And yes, that means that one day I will have a floor guy here putting in one side and then the other side of the floor while things are moved about, but oh well, for now I am good with the industrial look.

Sewing room - unpacking

Here is a closer view of the fabric. There is another box with more solids somewhere and there is one more 12" cube box of Tula Pink collections but I am pretty sure that will be all of it. Yesterday I was able to add most of my collections to the rainbow shelves and I am hoping to just do that with the TP box and those bits on the open shelf today.

The thing is that I don't use the collections because they are "special" and when I was packing them I realized that I probably won't use them if I don't put those fabrics with the rest. So I am going to hold my breath and sort in the rest later today, or if not tomorrow, whenever I can manage it.

I don't apologize for my fabric stash or even for its size. I do appreciate that I will be able to sew for years before this is all gone and I will be sending some ot it to others for a charity project. And this move has been very good in helping me to understand that this is about the right amount of fabric for me to have on hand.

For me, the fabrics and the colours are a bit like my paints - I need a sufficient supply on hand to allow me to work right now on whatever comes to mind. I do point out that I fold anything that is a foldable size and put it in these shelves, my scrap bins are generally reasonably small pieces only. So much of what you see are cut into fat quarters that others might have relegated to the scrap bins already.

Anyway, I sure hope to be sewing later today - I have yet to find my iron and I am going to buy another while out on errands today as I have decided a spare is not bad and I can wait no longer to get back to the sewing.

unpacking - books next

The rest of house is not fully unpacked yet either. Over the weekend we decided on the location of 6 bookshelves, including these three. We love real books, and have many. The books are a quick, although tiring unpack and starting that is on the list too for today. I hope to be able to show you fully unpacked rooms next Monday - wish me luck.


Here is the view from my kitchen sink. We have several healthy Elm trees in the yard, you are seeing one of them. I need to learn the rules about keeping them safe from Dutch Elm Disease. Also to the left, that is my sewing machine in the window, that room is over the garage, which is why it is so large.

Well, my morning is for my day job, and then to the unpacking. I am also going to take pity on the yard and pull out the sprinkler today.

I'll see you tomorrow for the August Scraptastic Tuesday link up and I will be back in this space now regularly I think.