Thursday, July 11, 2013

Soon the baby robins will be flying away

Baby robins Thursday evening

Time to catch you up on the baby robins. We will start with today and work backwards from your last update. That picture was today (Thursday) after dinner. They are 10 and 11 days old.

Baby robins Wednesday evening

Wednesday night, you can see the feathers, and all four beaks. I sometimes worry that the littlest one is getting squished on the bottom but they seem to manage.

baby robins Wednesday evening

Wednesday evening. The group will sleep when the mommy robin is away. The ball of birds moves up and down as they breathe. The beep of the camera sometimes makes an eye open.

baby robins Wednesday morning

That is Wednesday morning, they are 9 and 10 days old. Far less feathers than today.

Baby Robins, Tuesday morning

That was the group Tuesday morning. All four beaks accounted for.

baby robins in the nest - Monday morning

And there they were Monday morning. Now go back to tonight and just compare the feathers, they sure grow fast. I expect that they will fly off in a day or two now.

photo (3)

And regarding quilting, that is where I started tonight, 2/3 done quilting the Octagonal Orb quilt. The quilting is two lines about 1/2" apart and then one line 1/4" apart. But the lines wobble and bend, and I am loving it. Again, another example of what I call modern industrial quilting, nothing perfect about it. The overall effect is great, at least I think so. I will take some photos in the light tomorrow as I square it up. We are on the downhill slope to finish this one now.

I am working through the finishes for the FAL and expect to be able to award the prizes on Saturday or Sunday, so stay tuned and don't forget to link up your Q3 FAL lists - you have till the end of Monday, July 15.