Monday, July 8, 2013

It's time to make your Q3 list for the Finish - A - Long

she can quilt

We had 288 linked finishes in Q2, and 357 linked finishes in Q1 - I think that the Finish - A - Long is working! We are getting our unfinished projects done and out of the sewing room. 

It is time to link your Q3 list. The rules are here, and if you have any questions, let me know. The main thing is that the project needs to be a UFO - that is actually started - and that your need to plan to completely finish it, not just get it to the next stage. There is no penalty for not finishing, so go large, there are great prizes to be won - thank you to all our excellent sponsors. 

As your FAL cheerleader, I get to make my list first. So no laughing, at either its length or the repeats please.


1. Octagonal Orb quilt for Siblings Together: My plane leaves in 8 days, the pressure is on. I got that much quilted yesterday before bed.

Octagonal Orb quilt - basting

There is a picture of it on the floor during basting. I love how smooth the quilts look at this moment before you put the pins in.

Placemat in progress

2. Set of four placemats for my new antique table: I have one done, one is waiting for its binding, one is just a top and one is cut up strips. But I need these as we cannot really eat on the table without them.

4 Pickle Dish Blocks

3. Pickle Dish Quilt - The wedding was beautiful and this is now overdue for the eldest. I have 131 dishes out of 200 done.


4. Grannie square quilt - These blocks are so lovely, they were made by my friends in the Modern Stitching Bee. I need to get this quilt done.

Emerald Irish Chain

5. Emerald Irish Chain: This one has just a small corner to be quilted, there is no reason for it to be not done.

Low volume top and EPP

6. Low Volume Quilt with circles on it. I really want this one for the August, so I hope to get to it when I get home from London. Hmmm, maybe I can bring it as a handwork project at the retreat.

Mom robin with babies

That is mommy robin yesterday with three of the four babies stretching up. It was a weird day, thunder and lighting, then a bit of sun, on and off all afternoon so she was vigilant and did not want me to take close up pictures of the nest, hovered about and such. I will see what I can get today of the inside of the nest.

So make your list, check it twice and link it up. Remember, you can link flickr photos with your plan in the description if you don't have a blog or have no time to blog. The link will be open until July 15 at midnight MST time. If you have any trouble linking, let me know and I will help you.