Sunday, July 7, 2013

Last call for Q2 finishes, robins and some sewing

Baby Robins

First to catch you up with the robins. The babies were 3 and 4 days old yesterday (Saturday) and they are hungry.

Mommy Robin

The mommy and sometimes the dad too we think, still sit on the nest a lot too.

Mom feeding the baby robins

Action feeding shots are challenging, these are through my still dirty window. If I open the door she either sits on the nest or flys away or sometimes swoops at me. I wonder how she decides which one to feed.

Mom robin and hungry babies

I love the cuddle up to mom. You can also see all four beaks here, they are all fine.


The mom brings food but also regurgitates it for them, which is less gross when you remember that otherwise she would have to fly back and forth all the time and moms get tired, even robin moms. This is how she looks when she seems to be deciding if there is more in her tummy for them or not.

Octagonal Orb top done

On to quilts, I have been sewing some. Here is my Octagonal Orb top pieced. I am going to add a 6" border of just Kona Charcoal to bring it up to about 62" x 80". I am making the back from Kona Charcoal too and, if it works out, will add a bit of something to it too. I hope to spend the day quilting it so no time to fuss too long on the back. This block was designed by Elizabeth Hartman and the tutorial is here.

Half Hexagon block for Nicky

I spent a fair bit of Saturday afternoon making this block for Nicky for the Modern Stitching Bee. It is big, the bottom measures about 29" and the width is about 12 or 13". The pieced blocks are Arrowhead blocks by Wendy Hill in the Modern Blocks book. Nicky is going to make stars by putting two of these together and I think her quilt will be wonderful. Oh, and I get to deliver this one in person in less than a couple of weeks, in London at the Fat Quarterly Retreat,

I need to learn more about piecing triangles, however. I have nice joins on the front but I am at a loss about how to press the seams on the back so it is a bit of a hot mess there. I am sure there are tricks and tutorials - I so want to make a triangle quilt and need to get over this problem.

she can quilt

And it is your last day to link your Q2 finishes, go here to do that before midnight MST, July 7. There are many wonderful projects in the links, everyone is so talented. If you have a few minutes, check them out.

You can start making your Q3 lists, the link to post them opens for a week, starting on Monday morning, July 8.




the running hare said...

Love the update on the robins and their babies. Hope to say 'Hello' at FQ Retreat!

Elisabeth said...

Sadly I won't be linking up as I haven't finished a single thing on my Q2 list.
I love your orb quilt, it's such a fabulous block. Stunning.
I love seeing the pictures of the robins and so does my daughter. She keeps asking me how they're doing.

Trudi said...

Your orb quilt is gorgeous, I've been eying these up for some time! I got my laptop back and have added my links for q2 :). Now the difficult task of realistic q3 :)

Sheila said...

I think the Octagon block is super, it will be a fab quilt.
Have linked up for Q2 - yes, Mod Pop is finally done!!

leanne said...

love those robin pics :) lucky you meeting up with Nicky at the FQ retreat - I might have to save up for next year !! oh and love those triangles and orbs too :)

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

I love the octagons - what a great quilt that's going to be! So glad the robin babies are doing well - mam must be jiggered! I'm going to link up this evening...honest!

Anonymous said...

Just love those little chicks being fed....what great photos! The Orb quilt looks amazing. Thanks for the reminder for the FAL.
You do an amazing job Leanne!

Debbie said...

Fun pics of the robins - I share them with my mom who also enjoys them! CANNOT wait to see the orbs all done - just WOW!!!

CapitolaQuilter said...

Those orbs are amazing and having only made one myself, I know what it took to create this many. Sweet baby birds, aaaahhhh.

Gail in Vegas said...

How amazing that there are 4 babies again! It seems that nature would be more random. I wonder when momma bird gets a break from eggs, babies, and feeding?!

Thank you for posting these wonderful photos!

Dawn said...

I love your Orb quilt. It looks like its difficult/tricky but the pattern makes it easy. I'm with you on the hot mess triangle piecing. I tried it once and it was so wonky after about ten triangles that I just gave up!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Great birdy shots, and lovely blocks xxx

Nicky said...

Drat missed the link up but only got one of seven done! Must do better next time! Thank you so much for that gorgeous half hexy - can't wait to collect it So exciting!

Love your quilt top - so beautiful - the colours, the piecing!

Adrianne @ On the Windy Side said...

Hey Leanne - your octagonal orbs quilt looks great, and that triangle quilt is going to be amazing! I've made a couple of equilateral triangle quilts and from that experience put together a tutorial of how I sew and press triangles ( I'm sure there are various methods but this one works for me.

Carla said...

Amazing shots of those babies! Love your orbs too. Enjoy the quilting

Tammy said...

Love the orb quilt

Cindy said...

Your baby robins make my heart flutter. That first photo is awesome!

Orb is just beautiful. Absolutely stunning on the dark background. Job incredibly well done!

Katy Cameron said...

I think that first pic needs the title 'Feed me NOW!' ;o)

The orbs are looking great :o)