Sunday, March 17, 2013

This and that and happy St. Patrick's Day

Octagonal Orb - for Always Bee Learning

My Always Bee Learning Bee had an unexpected open month, so they asked if anyone wanted to propose a charity quilt - this is a great group of women who seem happy to step up for most anything. I asked for help to make a quilt to bring to London this summer for Siblings Together, which is the group that the Fat Quarterly Retreat supports. I have asked for the Octagonal Orb block designed by Elizabeth Hartman (tutorial is here), in any colours with any kind of grey background. I am hopeful this will be a good unisex quilt for a teenager - my teenager approves at least.

Maybe some triangles?

So the most exciting part of that picture is that those triangles are on my new design wall. I am reorganizing my sewing space to the now empty room down the hall and I tacked up some batting on the wall - what fun this is going to be. I am in the Fab Little Quilt Swap and I am thinking about a triangle mini with lots of white space and dense quilting. You might be reminded of atmosphere. or of Be - I think that I could play with this concept of lots of negative space and triangles forever so I am hopeful it might appeal to my partner.

A few more bits. #pickledish

The pickle dish quilt continues to grow - I hope to make a few of the dish units today.

I am also trying out new blog readers. I have not decided which one to use yet, so am trying many - Feedly, Bloglovin' and Vienna this week. Bloglovin' needs me to paste the following code into this blog so it can identify it. Please do not feel compelled to click it as you will be asked to sign up for Bloglovin' and I sort of hate it when folks who try to trick people into joining up. Also, I am not yet committed to Bloglovin' at all - and may ditch it in a week or two. Any number of readers can import your google reader subscriptions it seems, so when you are ready with your new choice, then I hope you will continue to follow me with the one you pick.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin
I just liked google reader so it is going to take me a little while to decide where I will go - we do have until July after all.

I am still behind on my internet homework, I am responding to comments that are a week or more old today - thank you for your patience. I will be doing some serious FAL stuff this week, so take this as just an advance reminder, the end of the quarter is coming up.

Happy St. Patrick's Day - we have several inches of new snow this weekend, but hopefully most of you have spring.




  1. Beautiful colours in this post Leanne - the original cushion that inspired the tutorial is lovely. I love those squishy round button cushions.

  2. Oh that orb is easier than it looks! Just some major cutting. Hope to have mine done today! And I do love your triangles up on your NEW design wall. Very cool.

  3. Oh I love all of these! Especially the triangles. I am sad about Google Reader too. I am going to have to sort out Bloglovin' I think...

  4. We've had snow too, Spring obviously hadn't got the memo yet!

    I use my blogger dashboard to read mine, and that seems to be staying put for now, I don't do change well! I've had bloglovin' up as an option on my blog for a year or so now for my non-blogger readers after it was announced that GFC was going for them.

    Finally (working arse backwards), love the blocks, and looking forward to seeing what those triangles become

  5. Gorgeous block - hope you enjoy the new sewing space! I've been researching reader options all day and admit to being concerned about how Feedly and bloglovin might use my info and bamboozled by everything else. Mind you, who know what Google was doing with my info anyway! Hope you find a solution you like.

  6. I'm trying blog lovin but find their updates to me in Australia are almost a day behind!!? If blogger dashboard is staying, I'm safe! Love the idea for your fab little quilt swap!

  7. Isn't that octagonal block super, must go look it up.
    Also really like the look of the wee triangles.
    Spring hasn't quite sprung here yet........

  8. I love the Siblings block, but those triangles are already making me smile too. I think you should go ahead with that plan!

  9. gorgeous projects, as usual. I really love where your mini is heading.

  10. I really like the colours in your Octagonal Orb block!

  11. No sign of spring here either! Love the colours in your pickle dish and the ST block

  12. I like The Old Reader because it is the most similar style wise to Google Reader, but they are dealing with a lot of backlog right now. It's worth checking out, though. I also tried Feedly and Bloglovin, but I didn't like them as much. I should probably add some of their buttons to my blog anyway though, for those who prefer those readers.

    Your octaganol orb block looks fabulous! I saw that tutorial awhile back, but haven't given it a try yet.


  13. I'm loving triangles at the moment, and looking forward to seeing where this goes!

  14. The Octagonal Orb block is very striking, perfect for an ST quilt! Love how your pickles are shaping up too! Stay warm! Jxo

  15. Yes....a sewing room, with a design wall!!!! Love those pickle dish blocks.

  16. I love those triangles and can't wait to see more of the PD blocks! I've moved to Feedly and like it...

  17. I am loving this post, Leanne! The triangles are going to make such a great quilt! The pickles are really taking shape and looking fab. I think your donation quilt is an incredible idea and it's going to be an absolute hit. Stars all around :)


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