Monday, March 25, 2013

Q1 of the FAL ends soon - it's time to hustle!

she can quilt

How are you doing with your finishes? This is a short post to remind you that Q1 of the FAL is coming to an end and it will soon be time to post your finishes. Remember, each finish qualifies your for one entry in the random draw for the prizes from our wonderful sponsors:


Quilter in The Gap
Surprise Package from Rhonda at Quilter in the Gap

Here is the upcoming schedule (which you can also find here):

March 31:     Q1 post-quarter link opens - start posting finishes
April 1 - 6:    Q1 guest tutorials will run on this blog
April 7:        Q1 post-quarter link closes - last day to post finishes for Q1

April 8:        Q2 pre-quarter link opens - post your plan for Q2 finishes
April 15:       Q2 pre-quarter link closes - last day to post your Q2 plan

I have been trying to clear off my bee blocks and swap commitments so that I can hustle on to the unfinished business on my Q1 FAL list - there are a few things I have not gotten to yet. And although I do this last minute rush to finish some of my UFOs, remember that there is no penalty for not finishing. The things you finish each become an entry in the random draws, and the things that you did not get to are more than welcome on your Q2 FAL list. If you have any questions about the FAL, please just send me an email or post them as a comment.

I leave you with this picture of those triangles from last post, now quilted into a piece about 23" x 17". I just need to decide if I am going to trim it or not and then bind it.


It looks pretty nice on my bed, on the Mod Pop.




  1. It does indeed look 'pretty nice' or completely amazing! I have 3 finishes out of the 5 so far but seriously need to hustle...may get a fourth if I work hard. Relieved we have until April 7!

  2. Oh it looks really fab! I am dying to get on board with the FAL next quarter, I have so many projects hanging round unfinished from last year and ideas I never got to try out, not to mention sewing for the new baby!

  3. I was just thinking about how nice 'triangles' looks on the Mod Pop! Does it have a name yet?!

  4. I was hopping along over the weekend to get one last bit checked off my FAL list! Yippee for your super list of giveaways that kept me motivated :)

    Your triangles look gorgeous! You always have the best quilting ideas. Just beautiful.

  5. I've done two of mine out of 3, waiting on some more threads but there's a very good chance I will actually complete that one too!

  6. I missed the sign ups for the first quarter but I did get my sampler quilt finished, it was started way back in June 2011. I'll definitely try to remember to sign up for the second quarter, I need motivation! :o) The triangles look great btw!

  7. Thanks for the gentle prod - I need to motor on with two nearly finished ones, leaving one to move forward to the next quarter!

  8. Oooh, I knew this was coming. I AM working. Are you telling me we have an extra week, till April 7th? OOH, that'd help. Luv all the white space around those triangles. YUM! Can't chat. I have finishes to finish!

  9. I love that little quilt! I'm hoping to get one more finish under my belt before Sunday...

  10. Yay - I'm in good standing this time for finishes. Thanks for the reminder to pull it all together though. And lovely triangles - a nice cushion or hanging in your room with mod pop?

  11. I would need a miracle to get any of my WIPS finished! Oh well there is always the next quarter ;-)

  12. Love your wee mini. I got 5 finishes, and 2 quilt tops done so not bad. I'd have got another done if the fabric that arrived had actually been the colour I thought it was, but c'est la vie!

  13. I better get my butt in gear if I am going to finish my list. I have lots of finished for the quarter but most of them were not on my list!

  14. thanks for the reminder - I'm on holidays next week so that might help with my finishes :)

  15. Your mini looks amazing!
    I am going as fast as I can xxx

  16. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO how is the first quarter almost done already??? One finish so far for me....oh so lame! LOL

  17. So. . . as a newbie, I have a newbie question. We use the link party to post multiple posts--ONE of EACH of our finishes from Q1?

    Or do we post ONE post with all our finishes? (Can't find the info on this. . . but that doesn't mean it's not there.)



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