Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An image

Maybe some triangles?

Do you like this picture?

I posted it on Sunday afternoonish and on Monday it was on Flickr Explore. I have had other photos on Explore, it usually means a few more people view it, maybe a photographer leaves a pleasant comment on the shot. Yesterday this picture became my all time most viewed flickr photo, in one day. A lot of photographers favourited it. It is a nice shot, not perfect lighting, but maybe it is a bit compelling somehow. Then Explore dropped it and regular viewing levels have resumed.

The 2.5" triangles are now sewn together and they are progressing into a mini quilt. I have fallen for it  hard, and hope to have time to quilt it tonight. But it is just a bunch of orange, pink and yellow triangles. Why do some images just feel right?

Enjoy your Tuesday, I hope it is filled with lovely images.