Sunday, March 10, 2013

Playing, planning, and a list of my homework too.

A Pickle Dish Quilt - planning, starting

Our eldest son is getting married at the end of June and when I said if I made you a quilt, what colours would you like, he said, some months ago, brown and mint green. Well, those are not my normal colours so I ordered all the brown solids I could find and many minty green and minty aqua prints and solids. I have a bunch of brown prints too, I expect there will be some blocks with the solids and prints coloured the opposite way to these first blocks.

And I thought about wedding quilts and decided this quilt should be based on an historic / traditional pattern but done my way. This is where I am at so far. I am using the Pickle Dish Quilt templates from Kaffe Fassett's book Quilt Romance.

I left some of my kitchen tiles in the photo as they are 12"squares and give some scale. These blocks are big, each pickle dish unit finishes at 10" but I tend to see a group of 4 dishes as one block.

Pickle Dish backgrounds, maybe

Today I am thinking an assortment of these low volume prints would work nicely as the background - I don't have enough of any single one but I am hoping that variations will give texture and interest. I am excited - I love browns, the colour of trees and rocks and beaches and gardens - you might remember this quilt from two summers ago and its beach inspiration here. Those of you who diss brown, look out, I have a feeling that this quilt is going to change your mind.

Let's see how this goes, and how the plan stays the same or changes.

I have much internet homework, I am going to get to it later, once I play with fabric for a while, maybe after dinner, maybe over the next week, you see I would really rather sew. Given all that waffling, I best write it down so I will feel more compelled to do it. You can soon expect to see:

  • A Finish-A-Long update and some information about the fast approaching end of quarter. By the way, if you want to do a tutorial for this or other quarters, please let me know as finalizing tutorial plans is on the list too.
  • Progress on my Fabulous Little Quilt Swap quilt - yes, I could not resist another swap. I know I said I would not join too many, this is just one.
  • A pincushion for the guild swap and progress on a group charity project for the Edmonton Modern Quilt Guild meeting next week. Also an update to that blog as I am responsible for it now.
  • Celebration of my 2 year blogging birthday, which is on Tuesday.
  • Bee block updates.
  • I am sure there is more but that is all I am going to think of today.
Happy Mother's Day to all my British friends - I hope you have a lovely day with your moms, kids, grandkids and/or friends.