Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Have you lost your marbles???!" - or - a pincushion in a night

e - the e is about 1" square, pattern by Kristy at

I bought a lovely paper piecing letter pattern on Craftsy from Kristy who blogs at Quiet Play a little while ago. I have been collecting letter patterns, it seems.

Last night, it all started with the e. First I reduced the pattern by 50% so that e itself is about 1"square, the whole thing is about 3.5" unfinished.

e, m - both about 1" square. I reduced the pattern by 50%. Pattern by @quietplay 2 more letters to go, about 1 hour a letter at this size.

So since it worked, I made the m. It is not a perfect m but good enough. These each took about an hour to make, mistakes included. I really just needed to focus and stop all the thinking that was filling up my head - it was a busy week by the end of Tuesday it seems.

e, m, q - 1-1.5" square letters, q was faster to make. Pattern by @quietplay  reduced to 50%. One more.

I needed a pincushion for tonight (Wednesday) to swap with my friends at the Edmonton Modern Quilt Guild. The swap was, after all, my idea and I could not come empty handed.

e m q g - Edmonton Modern Quilt Guild - will be a pincushion soon. Letters are 1" - 1.5" square. Pattern by @quietplay reduced by 50%.

The g took a while but it might be my favourite.

The back is crazy.

In case you had any thoughts as to the competence of my work, here is the back - a disaster.

A little quilting, now 5.5" square.

I slapped some batting on that back and quilted a few lines. Then a trim. Then made a box for the bottom.

Pincushion, about 5" square, 2.5" high. Letters are 1-1.5" square from pattern by @quietplay reduced by 50%. Tomorrow I will finish the stuffing and take daytime pictures.

Around midnight or so, it was basically done. I need to fix the stuffing, and sew the opening shut and take a nice daytime picture. This pincushion is about 5" square and 2.5" high.

And to answer my friend Krista's question above - posted on Instagram last night - yes, probably had lost my marbles but it worked. I had a great sleep, and I have a pincushion that is kind of cool.

Oh and thank you so much to all my Instagram friends, when you need encouragement and cheering on right now, that is the place to get it and they sure were nice to me last night, and I woke up to more cheering this morning.

I am linking this post up to Sew Cute Tuesday at Better Off Thread, where other cute things are being shown off too.

Enjoy your Wednesday.