Saturday, June 30, 2012

Q2 FAL Report: guardedly optimistic


Q2 in the Rhonda from Quilter in the Gap's Finish-A-Long is over and it is time to report in. I finished Red - the Ta Da post is here. This quilt was great fun to make. It is improv with Oakshott shot cottons but not too difficult. The size was determined by the amount of linen on hand, so Red has a practical side. The quilting and binding both made such positive additions to the over all quilt. And I designed Red myself, she is one of a kind - although there are many quilts made in this style.

On the Tiles - Ta Da!

I do wish I had better pictures of On the Tiles. I will see what I can do next week as this quilt is heading to the beach. For this quilt I had purchased a Reunion by Sweetwater layer cake and then, by chance, I stumbled across the Summer's Blush pattern by Bloom designed for a layer cake. I am so pleased with how the pattern took on a whole different look, like floor tiles, when made with these fabrics and when I skipped the borders. You can read more about this quilt in the Ta Da post here.

Butterflies - done

And just this week I finished Butterflies. I adore this quilt which is made with Terrain by Kate Spain. The block pattern is a twist on the drunkard's path blocks, and I began playing with it after I was inspired by Megan from Canoe Ridge Creations' tutorial here. This the most cheerful quilt I have made, it just makes me smile to look at it. The Ta Da post for this quilt is here.

 You will see if you read my post from April setting out all my Finish-A-Long goals, which is here, that I finished 3 of 7 listed projects. But I have made progress on all but one of the remaining projects:

  •  the Mystery Quilt is basted and I am going to order some threads for hand quilting as I simply cannot decide on how I might machine quilt it;
  • I now have 8 blocks for my LynneBobSquarePants quilt. Those blocks are slow but I do like them a lot so I will see if I make 9 or 12 in total before I finish it off;
  • My Echo Stained is basted and ready for quilting, I have just run out of time and it will have to wait for next month;
  • The Klimt inspired quilt got zero attention, I think maybe I will try to work on it during my holiday when I am not so distracted.
So, overall, my Q2 progress report is guardedly optimistic: I am pleased with the finishes - three quilts in three months - and I am relatively sure that I will be able to finish the rest soon. I am hoping Rhonda is in for Q3, the FAL works for me. Oh, and my chronic case of startitis means that I will likely never run out of projects that need finishing.

2012 Finish-A-Long

I am packing today, travelling tomorrow. My next post, will be from the west coast!