Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Potholders remind me of my grandma


My friend Debbie at A Quilter's Table is an amazing quilter and she is also a great cook. She has been hosting Tuesday at the {Summer} Table for all of June and I have been collecting the recipes for my summer holidays. The last day for the link is Wednesday and since projects for the table are allowed, I decided to finish my potholders, which you see above.

Those potholders are a bit wonky and they have an old fashioned look to them - in part from the Katie Jump Rope Denyse Schmidt fabrics. They would have been right at home in my grandma's kitchen. She was a woman who could cook anything, always from scratch and while visiting, laughing and telling stories. Every visit to her house was filled with fun and great food. In between that, she taught me to knit, to embroider to her perfection standards and to sew. She also shared everything one could ever need to know about hockey and football, playing cards, shopping and camping.

So I am taking those potholders with me for the summer and I am going to try out as many of the delicious recipes linked up as I can, all the while remembering my grandma and having fun.

People were getting burns!

This group of oven mitts and potholder are the ones I made months and months ago for my kitchen here. Although they are an old project, we use them every day in our kitchen and they still work fine. They also remind me of my grandma's kitchen. She had those dishes (and I have some of them now), she had a radio like those on her shelf and I am even sure she gave me one of those view finder toys for a birthday or Christmas, as I had one as a child.

You have until the end of Wednesday to link up a recipe, table sewing project or story from your table for the month, but you can also visit there anytime, which I plan to do all summer. Thank you Debbie for hosting this series.

  A Quilter’s Table