Saturday, June 16, 2012

I'm making bee blocks


One of my new bees is called the Free Bee and it has many superstar quilters in it. I am a late game sub - but hey, I'm thrilled, I get to learn a lot and I only hope I can keep up. Lynne asked for a block in grey, black and white with one pop of red and gave us one of the well known Shindler's List movie photos for inspiration.

The background was pieced by cutting bits of my Oakshott shot cottons and arranging them on the table, then adding more. I sewed together bits, rearranged, sewed some more, and eventually also sewed the Y seams and the perpendicular meeting seams that inevitably result.

Free Bee - detail

The red circle is raw edge applique. The concept for this block also draws a lot of inspiration from the Orbit quilt by Jennifer Sampou that is at page 73 of the We Love Colour Book. You can see my friend Svetlana's version of Orbit here, which she called Sunset (go and see, it is wonderful).

For Lynne - Free Bee

Here is my block again in different light from last night. As always, the Oakshotts are hard to photograph, in part because they are supposed to change as the light changes. I love this block, it turned out just as I imagined it. I might have to play with the ideas a bit more.

Pinball Machine - for Valerie, Modern Blocks Bee

That block is Pinball Machine by Jessica Brown and it is at page 136 of the Modern Blocks book. I have made this block before and would happily make more. It has just right amount of asymmetry to keep me amused while still being so square and geometric. It is for Valerie in the Modern Blocks Bee.

Seeing Double - for Valerie, Modern Blocks Bee

This is Valerie's other block. It is called Seeing Double and is by Yvonne Malone at page 162 of the Modern Blocks book. I love the red and hope it will pop nicely in her quilt.

I am planning to play some more with the dresdens today and make cupcakes for my youngest's birthday. I'm still sick, so the rest of the time I am going to drink tea and nap.

Enjoy your weekend.