Friday, June 22, 2012

How can it be Friday night already?

Finishing-A-Long - LBSP

I am still determined to make a honest effort on my Finish-A-Long list. I made two of these LynneBobSquarePants blocks tonight. I really love the old fashioned look of these blocks with the Moda lawn fabrics and Kona Charcoal but each block takes a while to make. I am thinking I will do 3 or 6 more and call it a nice lap quilt. Whether I finish it this quarter or not, I am 1/3 further along than I was before, so it is progress.

Free Bee - Totems for John

Those three blocks are now joined together and in the mail for the Free Bee, to John. The inspiration for this assignment was the totems made by Erin Wilson (go here to see, I'll wait, she is amazing), and they were just fun to make. I was thinking of windows as these 10" blocks came together. They are made with Oakshott shot cottons.

Seam ripper, closed

Now, I saw this lovely hand made seam ripper on Amy, from During Quiet Time's blog here a week ago. Her husband made it. I ordered it that night and it came today - a week, record speed. In that picture it is closed and on the chain.

Seam ripper, open and detached

Here it is open and detached, read for action. It has a most satisfying weight and is perfectly made. I can't wait to use it. (And we all know there are no shortage of opportunities.)

Needle holder

I blame my guy for this new inclination to collect beautiful sewing accessories - he went shopping and surprised me with a few beautiful wooden things for Mother's Day last month. That is a handmade needle case - imagine carving that little knob.

Magnifying glass

The magnifying glass is handy, especially when the reading glasses are not. But look at that little wooden ring, it is continuous, not glued - a beautiful piece of work.

Embroider scissors holder

And last were the little embroidery scissors. I expect that I will be on the look out for other unique and hand made sewing doodads - seriously, I had no idea such lovelies were about.

I also seem to be making a few more mug rugs - which you see along with the accessories, and I prepared quilt backs this week too. Tomorrow morning I plan to sandwich and baste the butterfly top  and my Stained quilt top. And then, if there is time, I will quilt too. Unfortunately, there is much work to be done to get ready to decamp to the coast for the summer so I am not sure how much sewing can happen. But I am giving it my best shot, Q2 of the FAL ends in a week.

However, the best news is that my miserable cold is finally on the mend, I have scheduled it to be all gone by morning - here's hoping.

Enjoy your weekend, yesterday was the solstice, summer is finally here.




Susan said...

What amazing turned wood in your new accessories! And imagine looking forward to unpicking!!! It is a beautiful thing so it will certainly make the job more enjoyable!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

I have woken up this morning with your cold - not impressed!
Loving all your knick-knacks, and the blocks for John are beautiful x

Elisabeth said...

Gorgeous sewing accessories. I love wooden things, even made a few things myself.
Your mug rugs are gorgeous, especially the blue and green one. I wonder if I could find some similar colours and try and copy it. Are they Konas?

Trudi said...

Love all your doodads! gorgeous! keep going for the FAL you'll be surprised with how far you can get!

Nicky said...

Pretty doodads always make making things special! Good luck with the collection and love the 'windows'!

Manda said...

Lovely blocks and what amazing doodads!

Sarah said...

Love how you just sneaked in those utterly beautiful mugrugs.... Gorgeous!

Katy Cameron said...

Time flies when you're having fun/slaving away in the office! Great job on the blocks, and OH has great taste in doo dads :o)

Marg said...

Loving your sewing accessories, it's lovely to have such beautiful hand made pieces.
Glad to hear your cold is almost gone.

Karen said...

I think I just fell in love with the totems - that is fantastic! I really really want one or a dozen now...WOW. The sewing knick knacks are fabulous too - show us your collection as it increases :)

Debbie said...

Love your Free Bee blocks AND the quilting on whatever is under your new sewing gadgets - both are beautiful! And what a fun new collection!! Glad you are feeling better, Leanne!

Catherine said...

love the sewing accessories, they are so well made! Looks as though you are being very busy. I am binding my stained quilt tonight

Sheila said...

Thanks for the link to Erin's site, what interesting work and I can instantly se why you are drawn to her style.
Love the wooden pieces, I also have a couple of things, they are so tactile.
Can't believe it is a year since you were setting off for the summer!

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

This post is so packed with lovely things I don't know where to I won't! I'll just tell you I love your blog!

Kelly said...

Love the totem blocks and your posh knick knacks :)

Canadian Abroad said...

Beautiful sewing happening, and lovely new items. But summer at the cottage is best of all.

Svetlana said...

you are one productive lady, Leanne. Lots of eye candy, as usual. I especially love all those mug rugs, so, so pretty!

Mary Menzer said...

You had me at embroidery scissors.

I'll be looking for those cute accessories.

Poppyprint said...

I hope your cold cooperated and was all gone as scheduled! Lovely new accessories and blocks, too. The totems you made for John are fantastic. I do hope to see you out here this summer for tea in the gazebo!

Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said...

Oh I love your totem blocks! And all that handmade accessory yumminess - gorgeous!