Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It was fun going on retreat

Fat Quarterly Retreat

The 7 hour time change to return from London is taking its toll, and I am very tired. So I will give you a recap of the excellent Fat Quarterly Retreat, mostly in pictures. There was some talking on the stage and people hanging about visiting.

Fat Quarterly Retreat - Brit Bee women and their project 51

People were sharing quilts - this is the Brit Bee Project 51 and the bee members.

Fat Quarterly Retreat - Mandy and Rachel with Rhonda

Rhonda was there in spirit and here hanging about with Rachel and Mandy.

Fat Quarterly Retreat - people sewed a bit, talked a lot, laughed all the time

There was sewing and visiting. Here you see a group I really enjoyed getting to know, Cindy, Susan, Laura, Lucy and Kat. Well, Lucy and I were really missed talking, so we discussed the need do that next time.

Fat Quarterly Retreat - Terri and Ceri's quilt

That is Ceri and Terri, two new friends who are both wonderful. They made this quilt for Siblings Together and I helped sew on the label.

Fat Quarterly Retreat - Ironwoman quilts

Those are the Iron Woman quilts, my group is second from the left. The winner was the beautiful quilt on the far left but every one of them was lovely.

Fat Quarterly Retreat - Iron Woman Quilt and Heather

That is another new friend, Heather, with my group's quilt. Heather is going to quilt it and make sure it is donated to Project Linus.

Fat Quarterly Retreat - Portholes class

I went to 4 classes but have photos of the makes from only 2. I made a porthole in Lucie Summers' class and I hope to make more, that is the photo of the whole class's work.

Fat Quarterly Retreat - EPP

And I learned to English Paper Piece with Tacha. Those are Liberty fabrics. I also did paper piecing with Lynne and the designer challenge with Lynne, John and Brioni.

Fat Quarterly Retreat - Swaps and a gift

I received swap goodies from Karen, Marguerite, Tacha and Trash and a lovely notebook from Hadley.

Fat Quarterly Retreat - goodie bag

And there was a goodie bag full of goodness. There was much more, but that is all I have photos to share. There were so many other wonderful friends that I met in person for the first time and others who I really got to know for the first time at the retreat.

This event was so much fun, all the people were nice, they laughed all the time and everyone had fun. You can read many more posts linked at the Fat Quarterly Blog here. Thank you to the Fat Quarterly Team and to the many sponsors of this event - I hope to come back next year to do it again.