Wednesday, December 21, 2016

December Scraptastic Tuesday Winners!

As we come to the end of this year of Scraptastic Tuesday, I have an old scrappy project to share.

Kaleidoscope - 5 years later

I wrote about the completion of this scrappy  quilt, Kaleidoscope on my blog on February 12, 2012. She was a Finish A Long finish, a late completed quilt a long finish and mostly a birthday present for my nephew who was then in his first year of university. I sent it off to him at his dorm. So this quilt is just 2 months shy of being 5 years old.

Last week I was at his house and he quietly brought it to me and asked me if I could repair the binding, which had come unstitched in many (but not all) places. He has used the quilt constantly, often washing and drying it, and he told me, yes, it could stay off his bed for one night to get fixed. Of course I fixed it and reminded him that quilts from me are guaranteed for life or happily replaced if damaged beyond repair.

What he does not realize is that he gave me the best Christmas present! There is nothing better than knowing that our handmade presents are used and enjoyed daily by those we give them too.

That photo is from last week, it is holding up well.

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If you are a winner, congratulations, and watch for an email from me this week to get you connected to your prize.

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Nicole said...

From a previous winner to these winners, congratulations! And thanks to all the shops for donating prizes.

Anonymous said...

(Linda at linda.douglass33 on flickr)

Lesley Gilbert said...

What a lovely story about the quilt - I can understand the sentimental feeling :)

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

It's so lovely to know the quilt is being used and loved! And thank you for my prize, I'll email you now!

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

A lovely quilt story! Great to know how much our handmade gifts are loved & used.

Robby said...

A wonderful gift for sure. And you can't beat that guaranty!

Debbie said...

oh that's so sweet!!

Erin Quinn said...

Oh wow. You must be so heart happy with that. Nothing like seeing something that we have put so much love into, being used and the person soaking in all that love.
E xx

Charlotta said...

Oh I so agree! Nothing better than knowing your quilts are being used and loved! I'd much sooner learn that a quilt I made has had a hole chewed in it by the dog, or has been ripped accidentally, because it is constantly in use, than that it is still as pristine as when I delivered it.

Emily said...

I love that you guarantee your quilt for friends and family! And I totally agree that knowing your handmade creations are being used is the best part! Such a great story.