Friday, December 30, 2016

Winter / Holiday Napkins - A Q4 FAL finish

Winter napkins

I finished these winter / holiday napkins mid December. They have been used several times now, including for Christmas dinner and they work just fine. I love the bright reds and greens of Violet Craft's holiday fabrics.

Winter napkins

For this set, I cut 16" squares of holiday fabric and of silver grey Kona cotton. With right sides together, I sewed around the edges, leaving a 3" - 4" hole for turning. I turned and pressed the napkins. Then I sewed around the outside edge about 1/8", which also closes the turning hole. To keep the front and the back from separating in the wash, I then sewed an X across, which I marked with my hera marker. I do admit to also pressing my napkins after a wash, having made them myself I feel less imposed on to do that small bit of ironing.

Winter napkins

The silver is a nice compliment, light but not white which is a tough colour for napkins that actually get used.

Winter napkins

I backstitched at each end to secure the threads.

Winter napkins

These napkins are on my Q4 FAL list. 

2016 FAL

And this is my reminder to you that the link to post your Q4 finishes will open tomorrow, so maybe you, like me, will want to start getting those finishes you have not yet shared rounded up and ready. I also wanted to let you know that the 2017 FAL will kick off on January 8, 2017 so you can also start putting together your Q1 2017 to be finished list too.

And, congratulations to Krista - Poppyprint - for winning my instagram 9000 followers giveaway. I counted the numbers carefully twice, as Krista is a friend of mine and truly, the random number generator picked her number.

I have more to share, it's been a busy holiday at my house so I need a couple more days before I can get that happening.




Brenda said...

Good Morning! I really enjoy making Napkins and your fabric choices are wonderful! I did not get any more than 4 made this whole year and they were for a bridal shower. I hope to get quite a few made this year. Thank you for sharing; I will have to think about joining the FAL!

June D said...

These are so festive! Thank you for sharing how you made them too. I've recently decided (again) to bypass paper napkins, and instead to use fabric ones. Getting a bit tired of the plain green ones that we have been using. Would be nice to have my own festive ones! : )

Jan said...

the Christmas napkins are lovely! and I like that you used all different patterns

felicity said...

I love your homemade napkins! Cloth is totally the way to go; I love mine too.

Congratulations to Krista!

Bluebell Ridge Handworks said...

These napkins are great! I have some Christmas fabric that's been in my stash for 20+ years...this would be a super way to get it used up! When I first started sewing I had no concept of how much fabric to purchase and waaayyyy over-bought. I'd love to put it to use. Thanks for the inspiration :o)

Kim B. said...

Thanks for the tips, those should make for nice napkins. And yours are so lovely, in all those deep rich colors (smart for masking stains, too! unfortunately all the fabrics I think of that would be cute are LIGHT, which will not go well with my Italian husband and all his messy pasta sauces!! : ) )

Debbie said...

Love these!