Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Imp - Ta Da!


I named this quilt Imp - she is playful and fresh and sassy!  I think she is the start of an impish series. I have shared my progress in making her here for a while now.

This quilt was inspired by the work of Gwen Marston, who I had the great fortune of meeting and taking a class from at QuiltCon 2016. Gwen is one of my quilting heros and it is just a pleasure to work in the improv style that Gwen's work reflects.

Imp - detail

There were no rulers used in the piecing of this quilt or in the quilting of this quilt. I had a lot of fun with arial view style quilting, all done free hand on my long arm quilting machine. I also hand quilted in a Kantha style on the orange solid bits, again a nod to Gwen who hand quilts much of her work.


Although I started this quilt thinking I would make a lot of triangles, the quilt insisted on being a log cabin style medallion inspired improv piece instead. It is good to listen to the work as you go, at least I think so.

I used a lot of prints in this quilt, which is a departure from how I usually make modern quilts. The prints are a nod to the traditional inspirations in this piece.


I did wash Imp and you can see in the first photo that I added a faced binding (a binding that is all turned to the back of the quilt). The washing and drying is a part of my process, the texture created is part of the industrial modern style design I am looking for.


This last photo give you a bit of scale, although was taken before I trimmed off the edges and before I washed her. The quilt is about 55" x 47", or about the size of a regular sofa.

I have to say that I loved every part of making this quilt, the inspiration, the design and piecing, the quilting by machine and by hand, even the binding. I can't wait to play with this kind of design again.

Imp was also on my Q4 FAL list.