Saturday, March 12, 2016

5 years of Blogging - today is my actual blog birthday!

So, I've been here blogging for 5 years today March 12 - it is hard to believe. You can read my first blog post ever - please allow me to introduce myself - here. No one commented on the cheeky reference to this either, but back then I had only a handful of internet friends. I started blogging because I had joined Lynne from Lily's Quilt's Quilt Along and that whole group encouraged a lot of people to start blogging, including me.

Since then, it has been a great journey. This blog has connected me to a community of quilters, many of whom have become my friends - online friends and in person friends. Those connections have encouraged me to create, show my quilts, attend quilting events all over the world, and to share what I have learned as I go.

Thank you to each and every one of you who read my blog for the encouragement, support, comments and community. It is much more fun for me to have this community. I will be here blogging for the future, until it no longer makes sense to me, so I hope you will continue to join me too.

I though a lot about how to write this post - and today I have decided to be brief and then if you like, you can check out my quilts by scrolling down this post  - this is just a copy from the My Quilts tab at the top of my blog. It is a photo review of where I am and where I have been creatively. I also see that I need to take some time later to add more of my earliest quilts into the group, if you want to see those you can check out my blog archive.

Before I do that, the winner of the 10 fat quarters of Carkai sponsored by the generous folks at Sew Sisters Quilt Shop is Michelle - mehmonkey on instagram. Thank you all for participating and thank you to Sew Sisters for the bundle to give away. By the way, I might have one more give away - of something made by me - to finish celebrating this blog milestone next week, we shall see.

I hope you enjoy the quilt show below.



Quilts finished in 2016, large and small:




Quilts finished in 2015, large and small:







Brass Ring Pillow 








Quilts finished in 2014, large and small:



All the Colours


Big Stitch Swap bag




Friends - a quilt




Earth, a colour study in green


Triangle City 

Triangle City - Back 

Radiant Orchid Colour Study

Quilts finished in 2013 - click the name to go to the post about the finish:


Sunset - back 

Cycles 2

Slab quilt for Calgary

Slab Quilt for Calgary Floods - blocks from quilters all over

Slab quilt for Calgary

Slab Quilt for Calgary Floods - blocks from quilters all over

Granny Squares - Done

Swirling Medallion

Giant Plus

The Picnic Quilt

Octagonal Orb, ready to gift

Octagonal Orb - back

Mod Pop

Scrappy Trip

Scrappy Tripalong 

2013 Mini Quilts:



Modern Labyrinth Trivet


Trivet for FQR 2013 sample swap

Mini for FQR swap

Trivet for FQR 2013 sample swap

Mini for FQR swap

Trivet for FQR 2013 sample swap

Mini for FQR swap

A trivet



Triangles, for a swap



X Factor Pillow Swap

Pillow Back #13

X Factor Pillow Swap back


modern mug rug

Modern Mug Rug

2012 Quilts:

A quilt for me - done.

Kaleidoscope Quilt

Colour +

Liberated (emergency) Baby Quilt before washing

Liberated (emergency) Baby Quilt - back



On the Tiles - Ta Da!


Butterflies - done

Mod Pop

Echo Stained
2012 Mini Quilts:





Dancing Shoo Flys

DQS 12 - option 1 - Completed!



Canadian Abroad said...

So lovely to see the evolution of your style, and better yet to have become one of those friends you made. Here's to many more quilts and many more friends. Xxx

Linda said...

Congratulations on your 5 year blogging anniversary. Can't believe how many quilts you make! I just finished the first one for 2016! Interesting to see all your different quilt finishes - so many!

Donna W said...

Congrats on 5 years in the blog world. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful quilts. A real quilt show!

Janet M said...

Amazing - just an incredible body of work. Don't ever stop!

quilter said...

Beautiful quilts, you should be proud!!

Cathi said...

Happy Birthday! What fun to see your such a selection of your quilts all in one post. You have been amazingly prolific.

Rita Lynn said...

Congratulations love the quilts.

Katie S. said...

So Much Inspiration Here! Thanks for organizing your journey so wonderfully--I know that took time and thought. I'm booking this post separately so I can return to it easily and study that inspiration further. Happy Birthday Talented Lady!

Anonymous said...

Happy blog-versary!

Sabra said...

WOW! Fantastic quilts!

Quilting Tangent said...

Happy Birthday, Leanne! Nice quilt show.

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

Happy bloggy birthday! I can't believe how much you've made in five years!

Kay said...

Congratulations. It was lovely to look through all of your quilts, I am a big fan of plus quilts and I especially liked the Butterfly quilt too. x

Ella said...

Happy blog birthday! Amazing work. Thanks for sharing your quilty evolution!

Robby said...

I started quilting back in the 80's and then took a long hiatus while I worked too much and created too little. I missed the beginning of the quilting blog boom, but you were one of the first 'modern' quilters I found. I still just love your work, creative, sometimes evolutionary and you manage to do both brights and softer tones well. You've stretched my view of quilting. Thanks!

Janarama said...

Happy Blog Birthday and congrats on 5 years! Awesome quilts.

What Comes Next? said...

Congratulations Leanne, what a wonderful body of work! Thank you so much for blogging, inspiring and sharing!

Vicki in MN said...

A quilt show and I didn't even have to leave home ;-) Loved seeing them, thanks for taking time to share!! Happy Blog BD.

Judith, Belfast said...

Happy Birthday L! What a fabulous show! I feel so lucky to have met you in person! Jxo

elizabethdee said...

Congratulations on your blogiversary and thank you for the many pleasures and inspiration you give us with your beautiful quilts.

Sarah said...

So many beautiful quilts! I'm so lucky we have one on our wall šŸ˜Š heres to many more years xxx

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

Happy Blogiversary! Amazing what can be done one stitch at a time.

Deb said...

Happy happy Blog Birthday!!! I just loved seeing all your quilts, especially the Liberated Baby Quilt and went searching for it. Now it's bookmarked for making a baby quilt for my daughter. I just love the wonky star. Thanks for your post and congratulations on your 5-year blog.

Pamela said...

Happy blog birthday! Your quilts are beautiful! Thanks for this wonderful post.

trudys_person said...

Congratulations! And it was fun to scroll through your recent quilts ... beautiful body of work!

Melanie said...

Wow! You have created so many beautiful quilts!!!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Congrats on the blog birthday. Lovely to see all your quilts here in one place.

Kirsten said...

Happy blogiversary birthday Leanne! Love all of your quilts and I am happy to say that I am the proud owner of the X-factor pillow which is another of your gorgeous makes !!

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Congratulations on your bloggy birthday, and thanks for sharing all the pics: Lovely to see them again- really gorgeous! x

Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

Happy birthday day! Reflection is the quilt that I can never look at enough. There is always something new to see. It is so beautiful!

Puppilalla said...

Happy Birthday =)

Jayne said...

I think we are very happy you started to are an inspiration to me!

SarahZ said...

Honestly? This collection leaves me speechless! I need it in a coffee table book, so I can just soak it all in! I love how you make and remake and make again shapes and forms in a variety of much to learn!!!! Thank you!

O'Quilts said...

WOW I am totally impressed..U motivate me.

Margie said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I learned alot just looking at your quilts! Congratulations! Great work!

Terry said...

So much inspiration and beautiful designs!!! Congrats again!!!

Andy Bee said...

Wow, such inspiring quilts! Happy Blog Birthday!

Charlotta said...

Happy anniversary! What an amazing show to celebrate your five years, it is truly beautiful and deserves to be shown live somewhere. Quilts, I know, are so much prettier and more vibrant in person than in pictures, and this show is already stunning. I can only imagine how great it would be to see all these beauties in person. You go girl, and thank you so much for sharing all this inspiration for free :-)

Kathy@KayakQuilting said...

Wow. So many beautiful projects. What a joyful recap! Congratulations on this milestone!

felicity said...

Happy blog birthday! I loved this retrospective. There are a few in the list that I missed the first time (owl!) so thank you for it!

I'm Feelin' Crafty said...

Love seeing all your work together and I still love my triangle mini quilt!!! LOve it!

Michele said...

A very Happy Blogiversary to you. It was fun to scroll through your last 5 years of quilts.

Jenny said...

wow, so many beautiful quilts! great milestone!!

Ben said...

Congratulations on 5 years of blogging. What a great collection of quilts you've made.

Jannette said...

Happy 5th blog-a-versary! I found your blog late last year, and I'm often blown away by your projects.
Hope we get to celebrate another 5 years with you!

Chiska said...

Happy Birthday and Blog-a-versary! Your quilts are incredible. Thanks for sharing them all!

Live a Colorful Life said...

That was a stunning quilt show. Congratulations! Also, glad we have had a chance to connect in real life a couple of times. :)

Diane Beavers said...

Leanne, thanks for the trip down memory lane/quilt show , here's to your 5 years of Blogging!! I'm in love with "Shine" from 2012. A burst of sunshine is welcome any day, any time and you depicted that so intricately.


Unknown said...

Congrats with five years of blogging. You made beautiful quilts. Very inspirational show

Curly said...

Congratulations! I enjoyed the quilt show. Loved the friendship block quilts since that is what I am working on right now!

Curly said...

Congratulations! I enjoyed the quilt show. Loved the friendship block quilts since that is what I am working on right now!