Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Kimberly Sac Sew Along

My friends at the Fat Quarter Shop invited me to participate in the Kimberly Sac Sew Along and I had to say yes. This is a lovely bag designed by Joanna Figueroa and it's easy to make too. You will find the pattern here.

I decided to use some of my most favourite fabrics, all designs by Carolyn Friedlander from her Doe and Carkai lines.

I quilted my bag very heavily, using my domestic machine. The quilting was fun, and with such a small project the dense quilting did not take long at all.

Kimberly and Joanna even made a video to show us all how to make this bag - the pattern is here.

This bag is a good size for me, just big enough for my stuff but not so big to be really heavy on my shoulder.

My one modification was that I skipped the clip on hardware for the strap as I did not have any on hand. Otherwise, I am very pleased with this bag just the way it was designed and I made it in accordance with the pattern.

A number of bloggers are part of the Kimberly Sac Sew Along, you will find links to all of them on the Fat Quarter Blog today - well worth checking out.




  1. Love your blue fabrics used and the orange lining in your bag. Beautiful!!

  2. Your fabric choices and quilting just make it!

  3. oooh! My dear grandkiddie wants a handle on the wee clutch I made her. This would be MUCH better! thanks :)

  4. It is enviably lovely - beautiful colours and when you get the little burst of colour from the inside it's perfect.

  5. Great fabric combo! Love Carolyn's collections.

  6. Hi Leanne! This is really good bag and just I would need! You used beautiful fabrics! x Teje

  7. Beautiful bag - love all of the fabrics especially the pop of orange for the lining!

  8. What a beautiful bag! I am wondering, though, how fiddly it might be to machine stitch the tabs onto the sides of the bag - I guess you'd roll the bag down from the top?


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