Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Scraptastic Tuesday - March Link is open

It's the second Tuesday of March, so the Scraptastic Tuesday monthly link is open.

First, the tradition is for me to share my scrappy project with you. And there are my boxes of scraps and bins of scraps to be sorted, just waiting for me to get to work.

But I have to admit to not having made any progress on scrappy projects in a while - in fact I have done little sewing since I left for QuiltCon. This happened last year too, with so much inspiration, I want to make everything and nothing. I want to do tiny piecing and I want to go minimalist with large huge blocks. I want to improv and also do very geometric piecing. I find myself unable to focus - and so I don't make much - I did manage to work on my Lion quilt, making paper scraps at least, I will share that progress tomorrow, but it is not really a scrappy project.

So today I am fessing up. Luckily for the blog, it is my Blog Birthday coming up and with the help of some friends and sponsors I have been able to celebrate that at least. But I have a scrappy quilting plan - its diversion.

Instead of figuring out which new quilt to make with my scraps, I am going to get the giant scrappy log cabin top loaded on the long arm and I am going to quilt that quilt. I am going to use this quilt as an opportunity to get over my reluctance to quilt a quilt twice on the long arm.

That is, I love cross hatched quilting - squares and rectangles like down filled jackets. But on the long arm to do that easily, you need to quilt the lines horizontally, then take the quilt off the machine, turn it and reload it so you can quilt the next set of lines horizontally. It generally takes me less than 15 minutes to load a quilt, surely the "hassle" of quilting twice is all in my head.

So, you folks are keeping me honest. I am planning to visit your links and be inspired on how to use my scraps and in the meantime it is my intention to report back here next Tuesday with the quilting done. Maybe even the binding too, it will be a scrappy binding for sure - I think with black and dark grey scraps or else pink ones.

Now its time for you to share your scrappy projects, plans and ideas.

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    Nicky said...

    We do make mountains out of molehills don't we? I think it will be worth the effort Leanne - just do it!

    Carmen said...

    I completely feel that lack of focus when you want to do too many things -- and then the frustrating that comes with being unproductive. I'm glad you're using the time to quilt! And the lion is amazing, even if it isn't scrappy.

    Debbie said...

    oh yeah. Quilting a quilt once is often enough, but yes, a crosshatch grid would look good on this one. Hope progress on this one helps you move forward!

    Vroomans' Quilts said...

    I would LOVE a long arm machine. And it would never rest. I do love my walking foot and straight line quilting on my home machine, but it is a toll on my body to FMQ with it.

    Archie The Wonder Dog said...

    So that's how you crosshatch a quilt on a long arm!

    Kirsten said...

    Your scrappy log cabins are beautiful and the cross hatch quilting would be perfect!

    Anonymous said...


    Rosa said...

    Your scrappy log cabins are awesome,love your fabric combo .Happy quilting!

    tartankiwi said...

    Ah there's nothing like surrounding yourself with talented, creative people for giving you creativity overload! Look forward to seeing what you do when you decide on a new project. I bet it will be stunning! In the meantime I'm looking forward to seeing your crosshatch quilting.

    Cynthia's Creating Ark said...

    Too much inspiration often leads you nowhere. I attended a quilt lecture last week and came home and couldn't sleep for all the ideas in my head. So Quiltcon would of really messed with your head. Ideas overflowing no doubt. Quilt your quilt and just enjoy the moment of quilting.

    Terry said...

    Look forward to seeing your giant scrappy log cabin quilt all done.

    memmens said...

    Ah I hope that quilt is quilted now! Sometimes we just need to crack on with something that seems like hassle and when it's done we wonder what all the fuss was about - I really hope you have that experience with this.