Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Scraptastic Tuesday - playing with scraps

Scraptastic Tuesday

Well, it's Tuesday again, and for once, I made a point of using my scraps - although it was just last night.

I was tired and did not want to have to measure or sew precisely. I thought it was a good evening to play with my blue and aqua scraps.

scrappy blocks

I started sewing them together in this around and around fashion. This is a technique that I have learned from several places, including from my friend Victoria - Bumble Beans - in her class and from her book, 15 Minutes of Play.

scrappy blocks

I had previously made the pink/red strip and so I just made blue bits in the hopes that I can make a strip about the same size in blue. I have a lot of blue scraps, this is not yet making a dent in them.

This was such a relaxing sewing session. Sew some bits together, press, and repeat. I had fun chatting on Instagram with some friends about precious fabric and how even with scraps I hesitate to use it. I am hoping to follow Felicity's  (Felicity Quilts) motto of "Just Use It Already" this year.

scrappy blocks

I have a rough plan of using the colourful and swirling scrappy strips with these more sedate blockish black/white/grey scrappy blocks. Maybe the colours will be borders or maybe they will cut through the blocks. I have my usual well thought out plan - we shall see what develops.

I need to get back to my scrappy Liberty sampler - Nicky (Mrs. Sew and Sow) has finished the blocks already - go here to see. Nicky has been posting instructions for these blocks and she tells me that I am ok as not all the instructions are up yet, but if you want to make a sampler too the instructions are all here.

I hope you are enjoying using your scraps, and please plan to join us for the next Scraptastic Tuesday link on the second Tuesday in April, which is April 14, 2015.