Thursday, March 5, 2015

I love quilting - AYOLF March and FAL goal


A couple of weeks ago I put this quilt on my long arm's frame and then it sat for a long while. Last weekend I started quilting a bit, and although I was loving doing it, I did not move fast. I think I am still a lot overloaded from QuiltCon and finding it hard to settle and quilt in my sewing room.

I've finished the centre bits - this pattern is called Consider and I am hoping to get it finished and tested this month. If you are interested in pattern testing let me know (all I have to offer for your help is a free copy of the pattern and my thanks). I expect to have the pattern ready for testers by March 16.


I set out to use all line based designs. I have been reading the internet about quilting and somewhere there was a post or two suggesting that quilting lines was the easy way out. I don't care, I do as I like. And I love lines.


The photos are dark, I tend to get time to do this after dinner and it is still winter.


I did get one edge of the borders done with this lovely variegated Aurifil 50wt green-aqua thread using a border treatment like one of the patterns I learned in Krista Withers' class at QuiltCon. It looks great with the overall quilt. So now I need to carry this pattern along the rest of the borders, and then bind this quilt.

So I am going to make finishing the quilt my March A Year of Lovely Finishes Goal - join in the link and check out the other March goals over at Fiber of All Sorts here. This quilt is already one of my Q1 FAL goals too, so lots of incentive to get this one done soon, which I seem to need right now.