Monday, March 2, 2015

Echoes - Ta Da! & she is in the QuiltCon magazine too


I have waited a long time to introduce you to my quilt Echoes. She is a large quilt - about 70" square and was made from Kona Charcoal and a bunch of small pieces of Kona blues and greens.

Echoes uses the allium block that I designed last summer - again I stress that although I made this block up myself and gave it a name, it does not mean that someone else did not also invent it earlier, I just have not seen it before.

I designed this quilt, made her and shipped her off to the kind folks at Interweave (F & W) in September. And when I got to QuiltCon I got to see her in the QuiltCon magazine for the first time - go here to see it/buy one if you don't see it at your usual shop. This is a wonderful magazine, and there are photos of quilts from the show and patterns from several of my quilting friends too.


This large quilt was styled so nicely in the magazine and my pattern looks so nice. This is my first pattern in a print magazine and I am so proud of it.


Echoes has a lot of negative space and I have to say I just love this quilt. I love how you see the echoes of the circles and that your brain wants to continue to echo the circles further into the negative space. It's fun how three allium blocks give you the echo of five full circles, and so many partial ones, and squares are echoed too.


I quilted Echoes using a variegated aqua Superior King Tut thread with straightish lines set at random widths apart from 1/8" to about 1" or so. I wanted to use a style of quilting that I both love and that is easily done on a home machine. The coloured thread adds such a nice extra to all the negative space without detracting from the industrial modern style.

All these photos are after she was washed as I wanted to ensure that the extra texture was present.


For her back, I pieced big chunks of some favourite fabrics. And she even has a hanging sleeve already on, which is nice because she was accepted to be in the Canadian Quilter's Association juried show in June too.


You can see that this quilt is too big for my usual quilt photo location - a stairwell in my office building. But this photo gives you a good idea of her true colours - the dark grey is so hard to photograph well.

This is the last of my QuiltCon related posts. It was so nice to have my quilt in this special magazine as part of QuiltCon.