Sunday, September 7, 2014

A fantastic swap, the bees and AYOLF September Goal

Fantastic mini quilt for me from Cindy

Look at that fantastic mini quilt that arrived this week from my friend Cindy from Fluffy Sheep Quilting. It turns out she was my partner in the Big Stitch Swap and she made me the most perfect mini quilt.

Cindy cross stitched my blog header onto the mini!

The swap was to include stitching, and look, Cindy stitched my blog header right onto the sewing machine - she even added the little coloured squares along the bottom edge.

Look, Cindy even cross stitched my avatar and blog button

Even better, she stitched my blog button and avatar, and she did them both perfectly! I need to find a spot close to my sewing machine to hang this fantastic quilt. Thank you Cindy, it is the best!

Pineapple block for Elizabeth

Last week, besides dealing with the hard landing of getting back to my day job, I did finish my Bee obligations. That pineapple block is on its way to Elizabeth (OP Quilts) for Always Bee Learning.

Union Jack blocks for Rhonda

And I made those two Union Jack blocks for Rhonda (Quilter in the Gap) for the Modern Stitching Bee, using the tutorial by Molli Sparkles. I wanted to use some of my new fabrics for Rhonda, and I only noticed how similar the colours were when I was finished. Luckily, Rhonda likes them anyway. I don't know if she noticed that I put Chicago on the UK flag, oops.

Pillow in progress - Canvas pattern

You've seen this photo before - it is a pillow top using my Canvas pattern. I had hoped to quilt this one and the one below this summer but did not even start.

So finishing these two pillows are going to be my September goal in A Year of Lovely Finishes. As usual, I am picking my goal on the last day, but you have time to join in too.

Pillow in progress - Canvas pattern

These pillows are also on my FAL Q3 list, and we are in the last month of the quarter, so I have been eyeing that list and I have to get to work.

Yesterday I spent the day playing with Krista, from Poppyprint's new pattern Chess on the Steps, that was released as the September Quilt of the Month by the Modern Quilt Guild. I will be showing that here soon, hopefully tomorrow, I instagrammed it a lot yesterday, I was having such a great time with her easy improv technique.

Did you notice that I have these goals and lists, and instead I just started something totally new? I have some other things on my list too - one I could not do as fabric I need was not in town so it is now on order with expedited shipping, and there are two other things where ideas are not clear yet, despite being due very soon. So today, I am going to fire up the long arm, I hope, and do some quilting. Quilting often helps me sort out quilting ideas and plans. I hope you have been enjoying your weekend too.