Saturday, September 27, 2014

Improv progress, and a winner

Lightning, the scrappy quilting dog. #scraptastictuesday

There is Lightning, my now quite old standard poodle who is looking pretty much like a rasta loving dog right now because of his long, long coat (he a bit sick so we have begged off the groomers and its time for me to do some home trimming). Long past bed time last night, he came into my sewing room and plunked down  in my pile of scraps. After tolerating a photo, he then headed to bed, which was a clear message to me to do that too.

On Instagram, Nicky suggested that it was cheating to have my dog eat my scraps for Scraptastic Tuesday. If only that would work, but this dog will not harm the sewing stuff, not one little scrap. I have no idea how I taught him that. This is the most he will do, hang out by or in the fabric. If you are playing with your scraps, use the hashtag #scraptastictuesday so we can see your progress, you don't have to wait until Tuesdays unless you want to.

Improv Xs in progress

I was up late (well late for me) sewing more improv Xs. These are so relaxing to make. I started with some cut up Essex linen squares and then pulled and trimmed pieces from the pile the dog in on, sliced the square, put a piece in, finger pressed, sliced again and put the next piece in. When I had a bunch done, I pressed them and trimmed them to a size that fit it after the X was added. Then I made more.

Improv Xs in progress

That is a photo part way through the evening last night. You can see that I just kept picking out fabrics from my favourite lines, and yes, I do know the names of all of the ones in that photo.

Improv Xs - layout options

This morning I tried arranging them a bit. These Xs are for a mini quilt that must be 12" x 16" and hang in a portrait orientation. I need to send it off on Monday so it can be part of the Canadian Quilter's Association It's time for colour travelling exhibit.

Improv Xs - layout options

I'm liking this arrangement better, but I still see some things to change and maybe a couple to replace, I'm not sure yet.

I just drew a winner for that excellent texty bundle from the giveaway sponsored by the lovely Becca at Sew Me A Song. The lucky winner is #287 - Judy, and I have just sent off an email to you. Thank you to everyone else who participated in the giveaway and thank you to Becca for the wonderful prize (there are more of those bundles in her shop, just saying).

I'm off to work on the mini, I am going to matchstick quilt it and hopefully also quilt some pillow covers at the same time. And I have bindings to do, Q3 of the Finish Along is ending next week and I have last minute finishes to make.