Wednesday, September 17, 2014

More about the progress, more of the time

Improv strips - in progress

Today I want to share some work in progress. I am also going to try harder to share more here about my process - the steps along the way to a finished quilt or project. I know I do that here, but lately, it feels like I have been sharing less progress, and it is time to change that. I learned so much about quilting reading how bloggers took their steps, solved mistakes, and tried new things, and I am still learning as I go, and I bet you are too.

That photo above you saw in yesterday's post - the progress so far on my challenge to design an guitar case/bag. I plan to make more of the "fabric" as I wait for some Annie's Soft and Stable to arrive that I ordered when it was available at Massdrop. I think that it will add the structure that I am hoping for in the bag.

Quilting in progress

There is a view of the quilting on my All the Colours quilt using Krista's wonderful Chess on the Steps pattern. I currently stuck trying to decide which fabrics to use to bind this quilt. I expect I will opt for a scrappy binding of solids but I am also debating a black and white print instead.

I really love this randomly spaced quilting lines look. It is very easy to do - nothing has to be well lined up- and if you think a set of lines is too far apart, you can just do another line in between them. I need to work now on wobbling the lines a bit more, as I have said before, the long arm likes to make straight lines if you don't oversteer her, adding just a bit of wobble, but not too much, is actually much harder, at least for me.

Pillow in progress - Canvas pattern

I need to quilt this pillow top, its back and those of the partner pillow. These pillows use my Canvas pattern.  I want to use them as a test for how quickly I can put these small projects up on the long arm and get them done. The size of that machine sometimes overwhelms and I need to get over that feeling that it will be too much trouble to set up the small projects. It is good practice to quilt these smaller projects and to do so more often. Also, I can use it to practice those wobbly lines I mentioned earlier and I also need to practice swirls and other curved designs as mine still tend to become to squared off.

All this quilting on the pillows will also be a bit of a test run for a quilt I need to quilt this weekend. I have a project that will be in a magazine if I can get it finished and out the door by mid week next week. I'm very excited but not impressed by the tight deadline, made worse by the complications of international shipping. Oh, and I am also very sad that I am told I cannot share it's progress with you. I don't like secret projects, but  I do think you will enjoy it when it is finally published and I am very flattered to have been included in this special publication.

Canvas baby quilts, in progress

These two baby quilts, also made with my Canvas pattern, are sitting somewhere from July with their new bindings on. I just need to stitch them down by hand, a perfect project for when I am sitting and visiting or watching a movie. I need to get them out (well actually first I need to figure out where I put them away to) so they are handy for those times and then they will be finished before I know it.

Finally, I have one more project to do this week. I need to make a mini quilt inspired by the theme It's time for colour. I have too many ideas and so I hope to settle on one or two by Friday and make it as a Friday night project. I'll tell you more about that quilt on the weekend, it is for a special exhibit of the Canadian Quilter's Association and I was thrilled to be asked to be a part of it. So for now I have no photo but this project has been in progress for a long while, just in my head only.

As usual, when I set out to show what I am working on, the list seems too long, so first the two deadline projects, and we shall see about the rest.


I am going to link up with Lee at Freshly Pieced and the Needle and Thread Network and I am going to try to do that more often this fall.