Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Picnic Quilt - Ta Da!

The Picnic Quilt

The Picnic Quilt is another finish from this fall that I have not shown off here yet. That photo above is before she was washed. She is about 53" x 66" finished and is made from fabrics from the Lucy's Crab Shack line by Sweetwater and Kona white. The binding was made from left over fabrics from the top and the back is an IKEA numbers print.

St. Louis 16 Patch - top done

I made this quilt top this summer using  the St. Louis 16 Patch  tutorial that had become so popular on instagram and is here. These blocks come together really quickly and are fun to make. I used white with the fabrics because I was finding that the quilts made with all prints, although beautiful, sometimes felt too overwhelming.

Then I became underwhelmed with this quilt and let it sit.

Picnic Quilt - detail

I quilted her with diagonal lines which made nice puffy soft squares on the quilt after it was washed.

Picnic Quilt - detail

I am still find this quilt somewhat underwhelming, despite how much I love the quilty texture. Maybe it is the colours, or the fact that I just used one line of fabrics - which was in part because of my limited choices while on holiday.

Picnic Quilt - Detail

Having said that, she is soft and cheerful and a nice size for cuddling.

The Picnic Quilt

She reminds me a little of a gingham picnic blanket, and and thus her name. That is my picture from yesterday, for a few minutes the light worked nicely.

There are no more completed quilts hiding on my shelf. If I am lucky I might be able to finish one more today as it has only the smallest bit of quilting and a binding to do.