Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Farewell 2013, you were a very good year

Quilts, 2013

So long, 2013. I learned, laughed, made mistakes, had some accomplishments, had things go wrong. My kids made me smile, my sweetheart filled my life with love and music, my work stretched and challenged me, my friends were the best, my family was lovely, and the rest was, well, what it was. In the quiet spaces, I quilted, sewed, knitted, blogged, read books, hung out, and learned to make soup and jelly.

Mini Quilts, 2013

I hope when you look back over your year, you see so much more good than bad, happy than sad, fun than difficulties.

2013 Bee Blocks, set 1 of 2

I am sharing all that I finished in 2013 in this post. You can click each mosaic to go to the flickr picture where there are more details and links to the actual individual pictures.

Despite it feeling a lot like I am being a horrible "show off", I need to see it all together in this one space, just on one day of the year, as I really cannot believe that I made this much. I have so many other things I do all day, so I need to see that I also clearly have a lot of time to create too.

2013 Bee Blocks, set 2 of 2

The one thing I did not do at all well in 2013 was take sufficient care of me as physical entity. That is my number one goal for 2014, to become strong and fit again - taking care of me, as well as, but no longer second to, taking care of the family, pets, home, and office. My other resolution is to laugh as much as I can - including laughing at trouble, at challenges, at obstacles - and just do my best at whatever comes along.

2013 Smaller Projects

Besides the pictures, there are a few other sewing things I wanted to note that happened here in 2013:

  • Shattered won an Honourable Mention Ribbon at QuiltCon.
  • I went to Texas to attend QuiltCon and met wonderful quilters.
  • I went to London to attend my second Fat Quarterly Retreat, where I saw my dear friends and made more friends.
  • I hosted the Finish - A - Long.
  • I participated in 2 Bees (an optimal number of Bees for me), a couple of swaps, the 4 in Art Group, the Emerald Challenge, and occasionally sewed along with a few internet events. 
  • I wrote some tutorials, some which were part of internet events.
  • I participated in finishing 3 charity quilts.
  • I was active in the Edmonton Modern Quilt Guild and joined a committee of the parent Modern Quilt Guild.
  • I blogged a reasonable amount and continue to make new internet friends doing so.
  • I instagrammed a whole lot too, where I find inspiration and constant encouragement and support.
Lily's Quilts
I expect I will add this post, which has both my December and all year finishes, to Fresh Sewing Day, which will be hosted by Lynne at Lily's Quilts tomorrow, and then I will be reading about everyone else's month and year too. 

Year In Review

I am linking up with Anne from Play Crafts and Sarah from Sarah Quilts too, they have a lovely end of the year link happening too. More inspiration there to read too.

Oh, and do come back here tomorrow to see how, despite all this sewing, I really did not do well on my Q4 FAL list at all. It is a good thing that Katy is going to host the FAL for 2014, as I still have many UFOs to finish.

I wish you and yours the very best new year! Thank you for your friendship, encouragement and support for 2013.