Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mittens are a good project when you are on the injured list, and a winner.

Snowfling Mitts in progress

Yup, I'm on the injured list - this is a hockey, and probably other sports, reference. Canadians are hockey people at heart, even if we seldom watch a game anymore. I stupidly hefted too much, too many times last week and sprained some structural part of my back. Yesterday my doctor gave me a stern lecture about no lifting, pushing, bending, and such. She also gave me medicines, a physio referral, and instructions to get back to yoga and the gym after this heals - it's all about core strength, which I have been neglecting.

Later today I am going to try to sew at my machine but I am doubtful that it will be that comfortable for a week or even possibly two. So in the meantime I am going to finish these fantastic Snowfling Mittens. The yarn is hand dyed by Tanis Fiber Arts and the pattern is Tanis's too. She is also Canadian and certainly understands winter, these mittens also get a knitted liner in a cashmere blend of yarn so are very thick and warm and soft.  Kristie and Kelsey have already finished their versions of these mittens, take a look.

Snowfling Mittens in progress

I wish you could see the yarn, the indigo parts sort of glow. Two coloured pattern knitting like this (fair isle knitting) is not something I do much of and so I am far slower at it than other knitting techniques. However, today I am thinking it will be a perfect speed.

Thank you to everyone who entered my draw for Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day. I am still reading through the excellent suggestions and ideas for projects, and I shall be making a nice list of projects to start over the holidays. I drew the winner this morning and it is Arita.

I hope you all enjoy the weekend, I think I might watch a movie or two. This requirement to stay put and get better is not really that terrible.