Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays, Mittens and the Q4 FAL schedule

Infinity Scarf

I am wearing that infinity scarf as I write this and it is making me smile. I have fabric to make more for presents and such, but to gift for next year.

Snowfling Mitts

I have been working on my Snowfling Mittens. The pattern and yarn are from Tanis at Tanis Fiber Arts. I modified the mittens by flipping the pattern so that the mittens mirror each other rather than look the same on both hands. For an asymmetrical pattern like this one, I knew it would make me crazy not to. I just scanned it and flipped the pdf in my computer and printed it out the other way round.

Snowfling Mitts

The inside of the hands has this pretty snowflake pattern. I have worn these mittens without their linings, despite the fact that they are not finished or blocked, but last night I started knitting the lining.

Snowfling Mitts

You can see the lighter sock weight lining yarn (it has some cashmere in it) which is a lovely bright turquoise. You just knit another mitten shape and then tuck it into the first one. When I am finished I will have fully lined mittens which are really warm. I am keen now to finish the linings so that I can wear them some more.

Snowfling Mitts

This is a picture from a last weekend. I knit the smaller mitten on the right first, using the needle size that the pattern called for. It was just a little snug on my hand, so I knit the one on the left with a needle the next size larger to see how it looked and fit. Since the larger one was much better, I took apart the smaller one and reknit it. If you look carefully you can see my other pattern modification. On the larger ones I added one extra row of background (blue) stitches above the chevrons on the cuff so that it matched the row at the bottom.

she can quilt

In Finish - A - Long news, here is the schedule to bring Q4 to a close, and to get Q1 of 2014 handed over to our new host from Scotland,  Katy from The Littlest Thistle. If you don't already follow Katy's wonderful blog, I recommend that you start so that you don't miss any of the FAL 2014 fun.

  • January 1:          The link opens to start posting your Q4 finishes. 
  • January 2 - 7:     We have 5 wonderful tutorials scheduled.
  • January 8:          The link to post your Q4 finishes will close at midnight MST
  • January 9:          The link to post your Q1, 2014 list  will open over at Katy's blog.

I'll tell you more about the tutorials later this week, after the family and friends have been and gone. I am looking forward to see all the finishes as this year draws to a close and I wanted to make sure you knew that the schedule will give you lots of time to be finished your own celebrations before Q4 ends.

I wish you all the very best holiday season. I hope you will stay warm and safe - despite the abundance of storms and such all over the world - and enjoy time with family, friends and community.