Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday is for lounging - and joining a new swap

Polaroid Blocks - a new swap

I have joined the *Picture-Perfect* Polaroid Block Swap, which my friend Debbie from A Quilter's Table has organized. For this swap, you sign up to send an amount of blocks and then you get back the same amount from those sent by others.

This morning, I made these cuties to see what I had signed on for. These 8 took no time at all to make once I had cut the centres. One could easily fussy cut a few 2.5" centres here and there over a week and then sit down and in one evening churn out a lot of these blocks. We are using the tutorial from capitolaQuilter which is here.

I made this group from my stack of  Lucy's Crab Shack from Sweetwater (and yes, I have just noticed that the one on the bottom left is upside down - oops).

Polaroid Block - a new swap

Truly these are cute. For the swap, you send this block, which is about 3.5" x 4" and the recipient can then trim it and sash it to make a polaroid block. (you can see Debbie's gallery of Polaroid blocks and  quilts here.)  A 12.5" block can use up to 9 of these little polaroids so I am trying to decide how many to sign up for. My thought is that for each one I make to send  I will make one similar for me and then I will be a long way to a finished quilt when I get my package back. Or a pillow, or these would make cute bags.

I asked Debbie, international swappers are welcome, and the more the merrier. So consider joining in the fun.

Gazebo next to the Walnut tree

That is the state of my herb garden, walnut tree and gazebo this morning. The weeds in the herbs should be gone by now, as I have been here a week and this shady spot is easy to weed, but no such luck. A couple of rainy days and a whole lot of the work that pays for fabric has keep me away. I am hoping to remedy that in the coming week as the sun is truly out.

Butterfly bush

The good news is that the rainy spring has delayed the flowers. I often miss the opening of the flowers. That one is a butterfly bush, just starting. The butterflies and humming birds love them.


The daisies were not open yesterday. You can still see the fractals and the spirals in the centre. The deer do not eat daisies, so I have a lot of them.

Hammock in the orchard

And there is the hammock that was assembled for me on Mothers Day by my sweetie (even though I was not here). In addition to the gazebo, I plan to spend time here too. And at the beach.  And sewing. Not so much working, right?

I hope you have had or are having a wonderful weekend.




  1. oh that hammock looks inviting! ;-) Love me an herb garden, for sure. Thanks for showing off your cute little blocks - and for the shout-out! Should be fun!

  2. Hi! I love your new blocks and your garden looks so beautiful! Enjoy and relax in your hammock! x Teje

  3. I am really liking your polaroid blocks and might have to make some too.

  4. Those blocks look fantastic - I've just joined too - thanks for passing the news on! Enjoy your hammock!

  5. Those polaroids might be a good use my my precious Heather Ross 'fishie' scraps! Yours look very cute! Not sure whether I need another swap?? Also not sure what I have in my stash to make it work???? Enjoy relaxing in that hammock!

  6. Love your wee blocks, and that hammock looks like the perfect place ever! Enjoy!

  7. All looks so perfect (minus the work, and the weeding - I'd ignore that bit!) x

  8. Wish i was there with you enjoying the sun and flowers! Your polaroid blocks are so cute! They would make a lovely wallhanging! Enjoy your lovely break. jxo

  9. That is a favorite block to showcase things. Looks cool. All work and no play... LOL

  10. These are so adorable! I have Lucy's Crab Shack on hold for a quilt, I almost cut into it to make these adorable blocks. Hopefully 40 will give me a good start on a small quilt. :)

  11. Your cottage garden looks so peaceful! Hope you get the sunshine and time off work to enjoy it.

  12. Your blocks are gorgeous, and I love the fabric, especially the little bicycle print one!

  13. Oh no, not you trying to suck me into that swap too lol I love what you've made :o)

    That hammock definitely looks inviting, hope you get to relax in it soon :o)

  14. Sounds like a fun swap, the blocks are delightful.
    Enjoy your summer break - we envy you the sunshine. Many of our plants have just not flowered this year at all - so uch rain, so little sun...more sewing tho?

  15. Love your polaroid blocks and I am jealous of the hammock. Even if I had a garden to put one in, it won't stop raining!!

  16. Your polaroid blocks are super cute and the fabric you've chosen is perfect!

  17. I'd love a calendar made with these - wouldn't that be perfect?

    Have some quality time in that hammock!

  18. your garden looks beautiful and that swap looks really interesting! but I better not overcommit myself again so I will resist!


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