Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Q3 - Finish-A-Long Plans

More Dresdens

I have been stalling on setting out my Q3 goals, in part because most of the projects are not with me for the summer, they are home. So I needed to consider what was possible for September. But I did bring along the dresdens. There are a few more circles done and I have to figure out how I will put them on the top - applique, piecing, portholes - probably some of each and then finish the quilt.

Echo Stained

Echo Stained is basted and sitting by my machine at home ready to quilt. I can figure out how to quilt it over the summer and then this will be my first project on returning home.

Finishing-A-Long - LBSP

The LBSP blocks pile has grown to 8 - 2 more after this picture. I have to decide if I want to do 12 blocks or stop at 9. Then it will need to be finished into a lap quilt. Again a totally doable project for September.

Mystery Quilt - basted

The Mystery Quilt is still on my list. It sits, basted, waiting for me to have the guts to quilt it. I think I am going to order some hand quilting colours and hand quilt this one. So it is not likely going to be done by the end of this quarter but who knows, one can hope.

The list is shorter this quarter as I really do want to spend the summer on some new projects to leave here. It is very possible new UFOs will be created for Q4, but I hope not.

I am linking this to the Finish-A-Long that Rhonda is sponsoring at Quilter in the Gap. The FAL has really been working for me and you can join in now for Q3 if you have not already.

2012 Finish-A-Long

The birds are singing and the sun is out, it looks like it will be a lovely day. I hope that all of you have one too.