Friday, July 6, 2012

Playing with colour for a contest


My friend Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting is having a contest.

She has a bunch of Kona solids in her excellent shop and so one can make a bundle of 8 of them. The creator of the bundle with the most votes wins 2 yards of Kona solids cut up any way they like, whatever colours they want. You need to link your combinations by tomorrow.

So I thought all the best bundles had been made but this morning I looked again. You might have noticed I am partial to red and no red bundles had been made yet. Well if I win, I will pick one of these bundles to come my way.

By the way if you click on either picture you will go to flickr where you will see the names of these colours.

Red and grey

You still have time if you have not yet entered, go here, but go now as entries close tomorrow.

By the way, I got to meet Cindy in person at the Fat Quarterly Retreat. I have to say that she is wonderful and I wish she lived closer as I would hang out with her all the time - I now consider her a friend. She is smart, funny and interesting. I have ordered from her shop and her delivery to Canada from Ireland is faster than most of the US shops I deal with so I know I will be ordering from her again.

I have been too busy to sew, so that's all I have for today. I will do a more fulsome report this weekend and I am sewing tonight no matter what.




  1. You really are the 'lady in red'. Gorgeous! happy sewing! Jxo

  2. Love the reds and dark greys. Liked the first one and still do, but the second one just calls to me.

  3. I love the red with the pink too! Happy sewing!

  4. These look lovely - and that's coming from a red-a-phobic (it's not as severe as the brown allergy!) x

  5. Thanks for reminding me! Just got my mosaic done! Yours looks awesome!

  6. Really love bundle 2 with the greys :-) I've got a red and grey quilt on my to do list...

  7. Gorgeous colour combinations - good luck!

  8. Love both of these combos, good luck.

  9. Great mosaics! Absolutely beautiful. You're right - we needed reds. We were filled with oranges last I looked :)

    Thanks too for your kind words. I feel the exact same way - we really should live closer together to have teas and more chat! I'd love that ;)


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