Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Instant gratification girl - pattern testing

Windmills and Trees Quilt - so far

I hate to wait, I buy the floor model, I pay for express shipping - there is no doubt that I am instant gratification girl. Well, in quilting that can be translated into pattern testing - getting to try the newest thing first.

So, on Sunday I pulled out all the calm beachy fabrics I brought along to work with over the summer after being reminded by Krista from Poppyprint of how much I love them. I am making these lovely understated pinwheels -  the value differences are subtle, low volume, which is what I am hoping for. You see I am pattern testing Lynne at Lily's Quilts' Windmills and Trees Quilt.

Windmills and Trees Cot Quilt

Isn't it wonderful - that is a picture I borrowed from  Lynne's blog, Lily's Quilts, do go and see all the other pictures of this quilt too.

Windmills and Trees Quilt - making hsts

So far I am mostly doing this. I do like making HSTs and Lynne has picked my favourite way to make them in her pattern. For me, the key is trimming them - although it takes time, the results are sure worth it. Music helps too.

Windmills and Trees Quilt - possible trees

I have decided that I will make my quilt into a lap size and it will be for me. I need to decide on the tree fabrics. Maybe nice light, cheery greens?

Windmills and Trees Quilt - possible trees

Or bright blue, aqua and purples?

Windmills and Trees Quilt - possible trees

Or this group of reds? For today, I am leaning to the reds, but any thoughts are welcome. I may need to find more options too. The tree trunks will be various browns and dark grays, I will show those to you later.

Windmills and Trees Quilt - so far

There are those pinwheels again from a bit of an angle. There is a value difference in each HST and I think the pinwheels are easier to see on a bit of an angle. I have worked with such bright colours lately but for this project, the calm and peacefulness of this group of blue, gray, cream, white, taupe, and brown is speaking to me.

So I get to connect with one of my friends who was also one of my teachers at the Fat Quarterly Retreat, the host of my first ever QAL and one of my favourite sources of inspiration and energy for quilting, and I get to make this pattern early - great fun and instant gratification too!

Don't worry, I think Lynne will make the pattern available fairly soon (and it will be all tested and everything) and then you can make one too.