Monday, November 7, 2011

ROYGBIV for Claire - making progress

ROYGBIV- Top done

The quilt top is done on the quilt I am making for my friend Claire. It is a ROYGBIV log cabinish quilt. Many of the centres are from the beautiful red batik that Claire picked out. I understand that on traditional log cabin quilts red centres symbolize the warm hearth in the home.

ROYGBIV - Top done

It is hard to photograph this quilt top since it is 70" x 90" - each block with its white frame is an 18" square. Worse for the photographs is that it is very dark and late. However, it is very dark now at by 6:00 p.m. so late really does not matter.

ROYGBIV - Top Done

I have been having a lot of fun with all this colour. And with making big blocks. Since I did not want to make each coloured block the same  size, I framed each with white and then trimmed the white borders until each block was an 18" square. The blocks were easy to join together at that point.

ROYGBIV - Top Done

Now you have seen a picture from each of the four sides. It is all pressed and waiting for its back, which I hope to make more progress on tomorrow night. If it is working out as I hope (I already ripped it apart once on Saturday) I will be able to share the back later this week.

The plan is to then quilt it with an all over stipple - I am going to use Rhonda, at the Quilter in the Gap's tips and tricks in the Duo Quiltalong for machine quilting as it has been a while since I last stippled a quilt this big. Then I am thinking of a striped binding similar in style to the one Debbie at A Quilter's Table used on her wonderful Swoon quilt.

I am going to link this my favourite link-ups as they are open, Fabric Tuesday in the morning, the other two WIP links on Wednesday. Please go ahead, click the buttons below, and check out the wonderful work that gets posted at each of these, I will be doing that too.

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