Saturday, November 5, 2011

On the sewing table this weekend...

Blocks for Claire

This weekend I am working on this quilt for my teenage friend Claire. The blocks are between 12" and 15" squares/rectangles and I need a few more. Working on these blocks has been my evening sewing this last week.

I will sash them all with white to make them all a size a bit bigger than the biggest block ends up being and then join them. I now have a great idea for the back - I dreamed it last night. Working with all this colour is so fun.

Mystery Quilt QAL - Jaggy Infill Strip

This is a jaggy strip for the Mystery Quilt QAL. There are 48 pointy bits, which is 48 times of placing, sewing, flipping, trimming, going to the iron, pressing and starting over. But they are amazing to see once done. Good thing too, as I have another to make, I think in blue.

Peaky Star - Mystery Quilt QAL

I actually made this Peaky Star last weekend but I have not given it much of a showing here. It is the last star for the Mystery Quilt QAL and is so cute. I am sort of excited to get the parts of the quilt I put off done as the last instructions are up - so a finish is near. I am already hoping that Sheila will do another Mystery QAL at the same leisurely pace, to start maybe just after the holidays. Do you think I can convince her?

Modern Christmas Table Runner Swap - all done

My Modern Christmas Tablerunner Swap table runner is all done and washed. I washed it in the washing machine and threw it in the dryer, both on medium heat. Now my partner can spill gravy with abandon and not worry that it will run or fall apart when she throws it in the wash.

Modern Christmas Table Runner Swap - detail

Here is a close up of what has emerged as the internet's most favourite block.

Modern Christmas Table Runner Swap - all done

And the artsy shot. I took these at my office yesterday, by the time I get home it is too dark for decent pictures. I really love this runner, I may have to make one for me!

I am off to exercise the morning so I can report in with my internet exercise buddy before I get a lecture. Then I hope for a day of sewing and tidying up my new sewing space. More on that later.

Enjoy your weekend, we get an extra hour tonight.